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Battle Brothers is a turn based strategy RPG anageix which has you leading a mercenary company in a gritty low-power medieval fantasy world. You decide where to go whom to hire or to fight what contracts to take and how to train and equip your men in a procedurally generated open world campaign.


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Battle Brothers Review


  • A true gem.
  • Jagged Alliance a 9.1.
  • The battle system is okay.
  • The combat is strategic, turn based.
  • The events and missions are well written.
  • You are the leader of a mercenary company.
  • There is no pre-written story or campaign.
  • Harsh world reminds me of old school X-COM.
  • One of the best strategy games I’ve played.
  • I love the sound design on orcs and goblins.
  • If you need fast paced action, this isn’t it.
  • The art work for the mercenaries is very good.
  • To this extent there is not a strict class system.
  • Best 20 bucks I have spent on an indie game to date.
  • One of the best turn-based RPG’s I have ever played.
  • Battle Brothers – A turn-based strategy management game.
  • This may be improved when faction wars are implemented.
  • Very cool gameplay, artwork and immersive story telling.
  • Buy this game if you like any type of combat strategy games.
  • This turn based strategy game is not for the feignt of heart.
  • One of the best turn based games I’ve ever played in my life.
  • The basics:You are a mercenary captain in a low-fantasy world.
  • I havn’t seen any other bugs.The game has a very nice atmosphere.
  • Story Much like cinematics, this game doesn’t really have a story.
  • You have the Strategic World Map and then the tactical battle maps.
  • Basic Review of the EA Game + Turnbased strategy rpg at its finest.
  • Such is the life of a mercenary, to live and die for glory and gold.
  • It is one of those RNG-heavy, grind-heavy games like Darkest Dungeon.
  • Things I would love to see in future? Modding support, that’s for sure.
  • Your men level up, and you can improve their skills and give them perks.
  • As I write that, I realize that we’re barely a mercenary company at all.
  • The world map is randomly generated so no second playthrough is the same.
  • So what do I like about the game?* Overall a very rewarding battle system.
  • Incredibly solid turn based tactics RPG even at this point in early access.
  • The WorldProcedurally generated worlds are great, but maybe a bit too small.
  • EDIT: As a warning, this is completely open-world and procedurally generated.
  • Game art style is amazing and mechanics are very well done and easy to learn.
  • The world map, as well as the towns and battlefields are all lovingly crafted.
  • Two-Handed Weapons became more popular for them, same goes for Battle Brothers.



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