Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition

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Gather your party and get ready for the kick-ass new version of GameSpot’s PC Game of the Year 2014. With hours of new content new game modes full voiceovers split-screen multiplayer and thousands of improvements there’s never been a better time to explore the epic world of Rivellon!


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  • Throw grenades.
  • Has online co-op3.
  • Everything is voice acted.
  • It’s great fun when played co-op.
  • This game sets a new bar in CRPG.
  • Couch co-op or online it is great.
  • Extremely silly and extremely fun.
  • Has the classic ‘RPG’ feel to it.
  • Co-op gameplay is seamless and fun.
  • Interesting side quests and puzzles.
  • The game can be played single player.
  • Combat is turn based and QUITE BRUTAL.
  • NPC looked at you funny? Burn him down.
  • I am looking forward to second edition.
  • This crowdfunded RPG shouldn’t be missed.
  • From Co-op/Multiplayer to amazing quests.
  • Graphically, Original Sin looks gorgeous.
  • Far slower than any other RPG I’ve played.
  • If you enjoy computer RPGs, play this game.
  • Progress in this game is slow but well done.
  • It’s a long story driven game with lots to do.
  • All the RPG trimmings done right and robustly.
  • What a great game! My favorite turn-based RPG.
  • Loading times are almost none existent as well.
  • Divinity: Original Sin has captivated my heart.
  • If you like turn based combat, give this a try.
  • We play together online, and it has been a blast.
  • There’s a lot of strategy here, real depth to it.
  • Elemental interactions are a key element in combat.
  • Plays similar to Dragon Age: Origins in my opinion.
  • You can play for hours at a time and not get bored.
  • Disappointing for an RPG. Level design is very open.
  • This is a fantastic turn-based tactical combat RPG.
  • One of the best new iso rpgs since the old dnd ones
  • Beautiful RPG game that runs natively on GNU/Linux.
  • These quests are not at arms length or fetch quests.
  • Very reminiscent of Baldur’s Gate, Icewind Dale etc.
  • Similar to Baldur Gate, turn based fights, nice story.
  • The game was also partially funded through Kickstarter.
  • Fantastic game! A great throwback to old school RPG pc.
  • I love playing an RPG with my life and she loved it to.
  • Everything about the crafting system needs the heave-ho.
  • One of THE best RPGs ever made gets upgraded for free.
  • Very fun game and I am hyped for Divinity: Original Sin 2
  • In addition, new game difficulty settings have been added.
  • This bleeds the fun out of the game that is 50 hours long.
  • This is a perfect analogy for divine divinity original sin.
  • Combat- fun turn based combat that uses the elements well.
  • It’s also extremely fun to co-op if you’re a roleplay person.
  • In a similar vein as early RPGs and recent ones like Dragon Age.
  • You’ll get a great RPG and you’ll support a fantastic developer.
  • There is no grinding to level up, or fighting respawning enemies.
  • Played this on local co-op all the way through, it was brilliant.
  • Looking forward to Original Sin II, I hope they do as good a job.
  • Gameplay in Original Sin follows a very classic RPG style of play.
  • Such a fun game in co-op, really having a blast playing it so far!
  • Not since Ultima V in the late 80’s have I enjoyed a CRPG as much.
  • Furthermore, leveling up in this game is an extremely slow process.
  • Such a deep RPG! But do your best to find a friend to play it with.
  • There is a dark side too where you come across great evil and undead.
  • As with all RPG games, the story is crucial to the reception it gets.
  • This offers a very unique experience to RPG players both old and new.
  • Some classic RPG themes and humor make the whole thing quite appealing.
  • Either innovate or come back later.Do it your way and have bags of fun.
  • The combat, exploration, out of the box puzzle solving and quest lines.
  • NPCs will repeat the same phrase every two seconds if you’re near them.
  • When I purchased this game, I paid $40 and don’t regret it for a second.
  • The second game has Chris Avellone on board, so I can’t wait for that!
  • The online co-op system works great, and it’s easy to invite using steam.
  • Divinity: Original Sin is a roleplaying game developed by Larian Studios.
  • Engrossing RPG with many elements from older top-down, turn-based, games.
  • If you’re a fan of RPGs then I’d say buy this, especially if it’s on sale.
  • Definitely one of my favorite RPGs I’ve played on Steam, if not number one.
  • Researching the best action to take for me makes the game all that more fun.
  • If you are a fan of CRPG’s, there is no reason you shouldn’t own this title.
  • If you’re into RPG games at all, you should definitely check out this title.
  • The turn based combat is undeniably fun, but it can sometimes be frustrating.
  • Fun for hours and with ton of replayability.I’m eager to play the second one.
  • This turn-based combat top down rpg game is a must play for all gamers.
  • It took me a few tries to find what worked for me, but that’s part of the fun.
  • Just don’t expect Diablo 3 or for this game to hold your hand very much at all.
  • Original sin is a obvious labour of love and all that time and attention shows.




How Long is Divinity: Original Sin – Enhanced Edition

  • Main: 59½ Hours
  • Main +extras: 83½ Hours
  • Completionist: 106 Hours
  • Combined: 80 Hours
  • Replayability: 5.9908%