Dracula’s Legacy

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Haunted by frightening dreams about her forgotten past, Isabella, along with her fiancé, were able to decipher one clue from the depths of her memory that leads them to an old ghost town.


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Dracula’s Legacy Gameplay | HD 720p


  • The story wasn’t too bad.
  • It was a good casual game.
  • The storyline is terrible.
  • Not a bad HOG/adventure game.
  • Graphics were very well done.
  • A well made hidden object game
  • Pretty good hidden object game.
  • Overall, it was quick and fun. 🙂
  • Pretty easy but it’s a casual game.
  • The story could use more development.
  • Enjoyable game with an interesting story.
  • This game’s not as funny as Sinister City.
  • Unless they’re not as funny as Sinister City.
  • This seems to be basic of Hidden Object games.
  • Good graphics and sound, but the story is odd.
  • I hope you support the game and have fun like me.
  • Good story, logical puzzles and plot development.
  • ood game with a good history and a Good gameplay.
  • Even without the discount. 2 hours of relaxing fun 😀
  • This is a very good Hidden Object + Point and Click game.
  • It ended just like that and there’s no flow to the story.
  • The story is decent enough but the achievements are buggy.
  • The voice actors/actresses’ voice sound monotonic and dry.
  • Okay… this is a good, above average, hidden objects game.
  • Good Puzzle Game+ Easy Achivement+ Good Story+ Trading Cards
  • More action than Vampire Legends, a similar game in this genre.
  • Definitely not recommended — get their fairy tale games instead.
  • But there isn’t much of replayability nor its’ story rememberable.
  • very nice hidden object point and click game with beautiful graphics.
  • Great for a short game full of story and when you just want to chill.
  • Voice actors didn’t convince me of any authenticity of the characters.
  • Never the less the game was alot of fun! And I enjoyed the Atmosphere alot.
  • They’ve managed to remove everything that was “”fun”” on Alchemy Mysteries.
  • Quickest time I’ve spent playing a Hidden Object game from start to finish.
  • Yeah the game has its own style, the story in short and greatest time fine.
  • A good hidden object point and click, with decent graphics and good puzzles.
  • Game Mechanics:This is your average point and click/hidden objects adventure.
  • This game is an easy and quick puzzle/hidden object game with a decent story.
  • If you’re looking for something casual, and not too taxing, I’d say go for it.
  • This game is mainly backtracking and there are barely no hidden object scenes.
  • How Long is Dracula’s Legacy

    • Main: 3 Hours
    • Main +extras: 3 Hours
    • Completionist: 3½ Hours
    • Combined: 3 Hours