Dungeon Warfare

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Dungeon Warfare is a challenging tower defense strategy game where you become a dungeon lord to defend your dungeons with deadliest of traps and insidious contraptions against greedy adventurers and wanna-be heroes.


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  • Nice Pixel Graphics.
  • Super fun TD game…
  • Tower defense done right.
  • Great tower defense game.
  • It has a level editor too.
  • Nicely done pixel graphics.
  • This is an extremely fun game.
  • Amazing! Better than Defense Grid 1.
  • Up there with Gemcraft. Retro graphics.
  • An awesome, addictive tower defense game.
  • It’s a fun, yet challenging, tower defense.
  • Best tower defense game I’ve played so far.
  • One of a kind dungeon “”tower defense”” game.
  • The in game map editor is also a nice addition.
  • Tower defense games don’t get better than this.
  • It’s a well-crafted and super fun tower defense.
  • A great tower defense game with sound mechanics.
  • Some are action based, but nothing insane thus far.
  • Manage your money poorly and you’ll struggle to move on.
  • A great tower defense game with a very flexible approach.
  • Pretty much the best Solo Tower Defense Game on the Market.
  • The animations are awesome and the crazy deaths are super fun.
  • It’s good for a tower defense game to have threatening enemies.
  • If you enjoy tower defense games then you should buy this game.
  • Level layout will determine your strategy, forcing you to adapt.
  • This is one of the most complex tower defense games I’ve played.
  • Very strategy orientated using the right traps at the right time.
  • Really fun tower defense game with a decent amount of replayability
  • If you are a fan of tower defense games you will probably like this.
  • This TD is incredible, its not super easy, and its not extremely hard.
  • I cannot understand why many indie games have such a short soundtrack.
  • I recommend this game if you have any interest in tower defense games.
  • If you like anything remotely tower defense related don’t think twice.
  • I highly recommend this for anyone that enjoys tower defense type games.
  • Nice and fun Tower Defense Game.Challenging sometimes, but never unfair.
  • Pros: Gameplay in general, Rune system, Upgrade system, Workshop/Editor.
  • If you like tower defense games, retro graphics, etc – buy this game now!
  • The music is a touch on the flat side, but the sound effects are spot on.
  • It’s easily up with Bloons TD5 as one of my favorite Tower defense games.
  • Pleasant pixel graphic, the music is nice too but gets repetitive quickly.
  • As far as tower defenses go, I feel Dungeon Warfare is quite the original.
  • Early Access Review Currently one of the best tower defense games on Steam.
  • And I truly believe this is one of the better tower defense games out there.
  • TL;DR: If you like tower defense games, this is an enjoyable TD with a twist.


Dungeon Warfare – Launch Trailer

“[01] Let’s Play Dungeon Warfare Gameplay Part 1 – First Blood/Crossroads –
Tower Defense Game”

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