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Welcome to ”El Ninja”! Here, you have a limited amount of moves, so you gotta think carefully on each step, while trying to dodge death and defeating enemies. Your objects is clear the levels to release your beloved one from the power of the evil ninjas. There are 17 levels in total, with 3 stars each to clear. Save your lovely lady!


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  • Funny game!
  • Simple Fun.
  • haha funny game
  • Simple Controls.
  • Simple Mechanics.
  • Well made and fun.
  • Really fun short game.
  • A simple yet fun game.
  • This game is really fun.
  • It is fun each time I load it up.
  • Its fun to play for passing the time.
  • Fun game, wish there were more levels.
  • It’s cheap and have got trading cards.
  • Pretty fun game but hard.
  • Plus, there are cards.~~Support indie games
  • What’s the story with that purple ninja?
  • Tons of fun and I’d suggest you grab it today!
  • Is super fun killing the ninjas in slow motion.
  • Pretty decent, fun game.
  • funny time killer game with the original controls!
  • Very Fun, Very addictive, Did a Youtube Video on it.
  • Great pixel art, interesting conception of controlling.
  • The basic idea is funny, but the content is very little.
  • It’s an OK time waster, but I can’t really recommend it.
  • El Ninja IMHO – funny time killer It’s a nice indie game.
  • Quick fun. Ninja in Black/10 will save Ninja in Pink again.
  • Its a good game and funt to play
  • We’ve seen many casual indie games over the years on Steam.
  • Short but fun little platforming game :)Also, it’s pretty cheap
  • Awesome SoundtrackEven though short it is worth it for the price.
  • Its a simple indie game what can bring for you mobile port feeling.
  • One of funnest game ever i played with amazing techno music soundtrack
  • A very fun to play game, has a really good soundtrack that is nice to hear.
  • That game actually perfectly executed the concept of the game and its funny.


“El Ninja Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 Let’s Play English Commentary Game

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