Empyrion – Galactic Survival

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Empyrion – Galactic Survival is a 3D open world space survival adventure in which you can fly across space and land on planets. Build explore fight and survive in a hostile galaxy full of hidden dangers.


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  • So much fun.
  • Amazingly fun.
  • Exciting PVP10.
  • Conquered Solar System.
  • It has real multiplayer.
  • I played only on a Player vs.
  • Have fun 🙂 I know Im still am.
  • CVs and SVs can fly underwater.
  • Building bases? Space engineers.
  • Learn the assault rifle, make it.
  • It’s also a fraction of the price.
  • Empyrion is a Survival Action game.
  • I can’t wait for deep space travel.
  • This is a very addicting, fun game.
  • Quite fun learning by yourself too.
  • The crafting system is very polished.
  • In creative mode, your jetpack flies.
  • Though honestly first person is best.
  • This creates a game of tower defense.
  • 10/10 very well done for a pre alpha.
  • Been having lots of fun with this one.
  • Multiplayer isn’t yet fully functional.
  • It’s like no man’s sky but actually fun
  • Space travel to multiple planets, check.
  • Oh so much fun i had there and then BANG.
  • Hard working devs for such a small team9.
  • YeahEmpyrion has very nice RPG mechanics..
  • Similar to Space Engineers, but not quite.
  • Space exploration that works really well5.
  • Fun factor: 8 (lots to explore and discover.
  • And I have even tried it on multiplayer yet.
  • PvP leaves something to be desired.The bugs.
  • Single player and Multiplyer are both great.
  • Space Engineers just added planets recently.
  • The same goes for most first person shooters.
  • This is an amazingly fun space survival game.
  • Well worth the 10$. I only played multiplayer.
  • GIve it a look, plenty of fun for the price. “
  • Space combat? Every good old space combat game.
  • This game is everything Space Engineers is not.
  • EXPs etcIts fun to raid enemy NPC base trust me..
  • Spaceships are disparate and are highly detailed.
  • It has singleplayer as well as multiplayer modes.
  • But Space Engineers is a Engineers Building Game.
  • If you want a story (as of right now) move along.
  • There are so many adventures to be had in Empyrion.
  • The devs have been awesome and work extremely hard.
  • I park it underwater and go loot an abandoned mine.
  • Well done.The Negative:The game looks like half-life.
  • The Steam workshop is heavily integrated in Empyrion.
  • You level up by mining, farming, scavnging and killing.
  • Don’t expect any kind of storyline, ultimate goal, etc.
  • I took out my assault rifle and decided to check it out.
  • I accidentally fell off the space station in deep space.
  • While yes, this is HUGELY a rip off of Space Engineers…
  • Most fun I’ve had in survival multiplayer since minecraft.
  • Very well executed and devs so far seem to be on the ball.
  • I keep coming back and it’s always fun! Great community too!
  • Game has huge potential for growth but already loads of fun.
  • Generating Oxygen, Day / Night Cycle with a spherical globe.
  • The multiplayer is where the game could really use some help.
  • I have got Elite dangerous, Star citizen and other AAA games.
  • I didn’t even talk about how much fun I’ve had in multiplayer.
  • That being said, it’s quite playable as-is and definitely fun.
  • Two players cannot access the same machine / container either.
  • The devs are very active in bug fixing and on the steam forums.
  • Much like Space Engineers each update will bring new Surprises.
  • This game has made me a believer in voxel based building games.
  • It’s very much about trying not to die in a hostile environment.
  • Its tedious with lots of fiddly micromanagement and extra steps.
  • Several planets/moons to explore, all randomly generated.Con’s1.
  • I bought this with NMS refund money and still have $40 left over.
  • Its what I wish space engineers was, I can land on planets now!!!
  • Can rebind, however, you can only bind a key to a single function.
  • At $19.99, if you play with friends, I totally recommend this game.
  • My most intense experience came while raiding an alien power plant.
  • I love Space Engineers, but this brings something new to the table.
  • I did actually find this a bit more enjoyable than Space Engineers.
  • I’ve had so much fun playing with buddies on our own private server.
  • New Approach: Underwater then tunnel.Well it worked but took forever.
  • Starving to death while changing settings isn’t really my idea of fun “
  • Kinda like minecraft when that first got released, with no recipes etc.
  • So far I have experienced no issue with any multiplayer aspects either.
  • There are sound effects are for everything I’ve found, so far at least.
  • But what their scanners didn’t pick up is that this man is Chuck Norris.
  • The crafting system is fantasticly involved and pretty well thought out.
  • Oh yes, private servers!!! Its not perfect..but they are working on it!!
  • Space flight & Atmospheric Flight, Landing on Planets Basic Creature AI.
  • Even if they don’t alter what I’d like altered… this game is hella fun.
  • Multiplayer that seems to work very smoothly in my testing using Hamachi.
  • And it truly is worth the price.Get a refund on NMS and buy this.Fly safe.
  • Combining Space Engineers, fps shooting and some light survival mechanics.
  • You start with a handgun, but the assault rifle upgrade has a powerful feel.
  • Small dev team that has pushed out lots of content and bug fixes pretty fast.
  • Already fully functional (yet a Pre Alpha?), wonderfully complex and diverse.
  • Akua is Hawaiian for “god” & definitely looks like a lost world paradise.
  • It even has multiplayer so you can experience galactic survival with friends.
  • If you’ve played Space Engineers before you will know what I’m talking about.
  • Notably, these skills include unlocking various things to help you base build.
  • I also want to mention this is not a bad game and their is some fun to be had.


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