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Take control of your favourite football team in Football Manager 2017, the most realistic and immersive football management game to date. It’s the closest thing to doing the job for real!


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  • Super fun.
  • Fun game as always.
  • Recommend to any football manager fan
  • Getting a refund and going back to FM16.
  • Haven’t bought Football Manager since 2013.
  • Football Manager has been made great again.
  • Football Manager 2017 = Footmall Manager 2016
  • The second issue was the overpowered crosses.
  • Looking at spreadsheets has never been so fun.
  • Social media gets repetitive and needs tweaking.6.
  • Sports Interactive you have lost another customer!
  • Absolutely stupid actions there.- Defensive playing.
  • But right now SI just made them extremely disappointed.
  • It isn’t just the 3d engine the 2d engine is bad as well.
  • Playing the Beta version of 2017, it’s the same old story.
  • Incredilbe how realistic this is to the real life Man Utd.
  • Please do not expect FIFA level graphics on the 3d engine .
  • It’s only dlc for football manager 2016 worth at most 10£.
  • The social media interaction is also pretty good I must say .
  • It’s an improvement on Football Manager 2016, that’s for sure.
  • Even when your team wins, players who played bad get bad rating.
  • Not for the first time Football Manager has left me disappointed.
  • SEGA promises Chinese Simplified translation but it isn’t yet out.
  • The colors in Football Manager Light Skin need serious improvement.
  • Is FM the Dark Souls of football sims? Seems like it’s trying to be. “
  • I have played Football Manager since FM2011, and bought FM since FM2012.
  • FM16 did that, FM16 made me want to start my adventure all over again. 2.
  • The game feels crisper and there have been improvements in the 3d engine .

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