Forsaken Isle

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Stranded on a desert island explore craft build and fight in this action survival game!


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  • hell of a hidden gem.
  • Updates are extremely rare.
  • This indie titile is a blast.
  • I enjoy playing this one the most.
  • No FPS drops, no lag, no stuttering.
  • To mw that’s NOT a well designed game.
  • From what i played so far it’s really fun.
  • It’s like a casual version of Don’t Starve.
  • It is well made and all features work well.
  • Very well done and it’s a worthy Early Access title.
  • Extremely awesome game. love the crafting and action.
  • Not even ambient sound effects like crickets or whatnot.
  • All are great Survivor/Collector/Adventurer/Builder games.
  • I have always loved the pixel art style and survival games.
  • All I did was aim to get all the tools and Unique weapons Etc.
  • The combat is well balanced and fun, and isn’t unfair in anyway.
  • One of the few games I think would be better with controller support.
  • This game has wonderful retro graphics, great sound, and fun gameplay.
  • A pirate island maybe? Who cares? To me it’s about survival and adventure.
  • With just a bit more work this could easily be a indie goty and worth $10-$15.
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