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Graviteam Tactics: Operation Star is a sequel to Achtung Panzer: Kharkov 1943. It’s an Eastern Front war game with solid graphics and sprawling battlefields that really emphasizes the scope of WWII tank combat. Want to step into the role of a commander in the very heart of Kharkov’s defense?


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  • Steep learning curve.
  • Fun but slow pace combat.
  • Excellent strategy game.
  • It is a Strategy First release.
  • A very deep and rewarding strategy game.
  • I just wish it had a multi player option.
  • Lots of planning involved on the campaign map.
  • This is not Command and Conquer: Eastern Front.
  • Like I said, the game has a steep learning curve.
  • So think total war but WWII and this is the game.
  • Also no base building but you do get reinforcements.
  • Really in depth strategy game, and outstanding game!
  • WW2, Afganistan 80s, Africa Cold war 90s.AI is smart.
  • It is extremely complex, and you’ll lose more often than not.
  • All weapons are accurate to real life, no stupid limitations.
  • Campaigns rarly if ever play out the same way twice.
  • This is World War 11 strategy game 5 years ahead of it’s time.
  • Needless to say, this is a game for any strategy or WWII junky.
  • You can zoom all the way in and really get a feel for the action.
  • All it needS is PvP and some polish like a shiny engine and style.
  • This is easily one of my favorite strategy/RTS games of all time…
  • Steep learning curve, but quite immersive, and a lot of replayability.
  • If you are a fan of strategy games buy this, you need it in your life.
  • This game is the perfect mixture between real time combat and strategy.
  • If they are being torn apart, they may run away terrified on their own.
  • It is extremely realistic and its damage models are amazingly detailed!.
  • I liked some parts of the game despite it having a steep learning curve.
  • Lighting, shading, weather effects, complex landscape,terraforming, etc..
  • This game has a very steep learning curve and is not for the faint hearted.
  • It’s not your typical balanced Strategy game like COH2 or Men of War etc…
  • You will find one of the best 3D scenery you ever saw in strategy game here.
  • You’ll get frustrated and angry and you’ll think seriously about walking away.
  • And sadly , there doesn’t seem to be a multiplayer version , which is a shame .
  • A deeply detailed and realistic war game simulation but a steep learning curve.
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