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Our goal is to make Hardland one of the great open world action adventure RPGs. We would be thrilled to have you join us on this journey to find out what the land ruled by the dying Elder King is truly like.


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  • Must have for RPG fans.
  • Really fun and enjoyable.
  • Combat is fun to an extent.
  • So far it’s a pretty fun game.
  • The gameplay if fresh and fun.
  • Very awesome sandbox indie game.
  • The overall game play is fun and exciting.
  • There is a fun faction system to play with.
  • It is a very fun free-roaming sandbox arpg.
  • This is one of the greatest RPGs out there.
  • There’s basically no intro or a story line.
  • Hardland as an ARPG is pretty simple overall.
  • All around great action adventure sandbox rpg.
  • I had nothing but fun while playing this game.
  • The game is simply becoming a great indie RPG.
  • The graphics are fun and different, very good IMO.
  • I have only ONE MAJOR SUGGESTION: add multiplayer.
  • Quests rre fun, but slowly become somewhat grating.
  • Hardland is a gorgeous looking ARPG in early access.
  • And yes I know it does raise my health as I level up.
  • It’s pure fantasy rpg adventuring with a lot of charm.
  • Truth be told, I’m having a lot of fun with this game.
  • So, I spent my remaining seconds trying to jump on land.
  • Shaping up to be a stunningly beautiful, and satisfying RPG.
  • very fun adventure game it would be fun as a multiplayer game
  • Quests need to be exciting and action packed with boss fights.
  • This game is very fun. as long as you save, and have patience.
  • Now this game is quite fun to play for extended periods of time.
  • It looked fun, and sure was in the first 20 minutes of gameplay.
  • It is very nice game for fun, I really enjoy it during exploring.
  • Also I didn’t find an interesting story or a questline to follow.
  • When complete, I think it will be a great open world fantasy arpg.
  • truly one of the most wanted RPG game in years! – a must have for pc
  • Your character is super fast when rolling on the ground and running.
  • can anyone help, why is this game so slow, the reaction time i mean !
  • Oh well, I still say buy the game, a beer, and 2 hookers and have fun.
  • Hardland may end up being one of the most memorable RPGs in some time.
  • Tight controls, god hit detection, beautiful environments, open world…
  • Dissapointed that the world of the game is no longer randomly generated.
  • Great game! Takes some getting used to if you play a lot of linear RPGs.
  • The great thing is that every time it gets an update, it’s even more fun.
  • Really fun game for me personally, but the game is changing all the time.
  • Overall Hardland is an ARPG that is bursting at the seams with potential.
  • However if you want to support what I think will become a very fun game….
  • Solid game, great graphics – looking forward to randomly generated dungeons.
  • Would be a good game, except after about 10 seconds the main menu goes black.
  • This game plays seemlessly, loads quickly, and the melee combat is challenging.




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