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CREEPS CRUMBLE. HEROES RISE. Command a team of renegade heroes and impale, slash, tear and burn through legions of undead hell-bent on world domination. Your mission: to defeat the world’s most powerful vampire, Count Necrosis.


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Hero Defense Haunted Island Early Access Trailer – PC

Smash Look! – Hero Defense – Haunted Island Gameplay

Hero Defense – Haunted Island Early Access Review


  • Very well designed.
  • Great tower defense.
  • Less room for strategy.
  • Nice little time waster
  • Tower defense with a twist.
  • Love the different characters.
  • There’s lots of replay value here.
  • A really fun take on Tower Defense.
  • Not your standard tower defense game.
  • A nice new take on tower defense games.
  • It’s not your basic Tower Defense Game.
  • Each hero has their own unique weapons.
  • New fresh idea on Tower defense category.
  • But it’s not the new Defense Grid for me. “
  • There is multiplayer and matchmaking aswell.
  • Great game, nice story with good characters.
  • Still have to check out the multiplayer mode.
  • Simply a small well done cool looking game ..
  • If you like tower defense, you should as well.
  • It’s a different spin on a tower defense game.
  • Bought this game seeing that it had co-op mode.
  • Also in a gem you will find a multiplayer mode.
  • Nice Tower Defense, but with movable charaters.
  • If you like tower defense, this game is awesome!
  • Its a nice spin on standard tower defense games.
  • Recommended if you are a tower defense genre fan.
  • If you are in this for Multiplayer, don’t right now.
  • Soo little of people who play, actually play online.
  • Great Title for people who like Tower Defense & Fun.
  • Short Version: Tower Defense game that’s got it all…
  • IntroductionTower Defense is by far my favorite genre.
  • Easily one of the best tower defense i’ve ever played.
  • Single player, co-op, and pvp modes are very well done.
  • One of the best tower defense games I have ever played.
  • Tried out multiplayer, I think it said 3 players online.
  • I know some don’t like the story, but I think it’s fine.
  • If you like classic Tower Defense games, this is for you.
  • If you like tower defense games, this game is a great buy.
  • Gems can be used to purchase weapon upgrades from the forge.
  • Great tower defense games with several interesting mechanics.
  • But, as a wised up tower defense game – Hero Defense is fine.
  • Read below.GrindingThis is what could be the ugly part for me.
  • A Very nice and solid Tower Defense with an interesting Story.
  • Secondly, try to dedicate yourself to a Season of Multiplayer.
  • Quite creative reinstallment on the Tower Defense games field.
  • Generally number tweaking rather than interesting interactions.
  • I have not tried multiplayer at all so I can’t comment on that.
  • Has some funny dialogues and catch phrases- Characters (Heroes).
  • Your heroes have RPG skill trees and there’s a voice acted story.
  • However you’ll have to grind and level up your heroes accordingly.
  • Product received for free A very fun RPG based Tower Defense Game.
  • Really enjoyed this, I think it’s an awesome take on Tower Defense.
  • [Update] Multiplayer live now! As enjoyable as the rest of the game.
  • The only thing that is not really to my taste… is the multiplayer.
  • The story is actually pretty stale, nothing new, nothing surprising.
  • The REAL tand TRUE challenge this game has would be the Survival maps.
  • This is an excellent addition to my collection of Tower Defense games.
  • Hero Defense Haunted Isle is an innovative take on tower defense games.
  • There is cause for some grinding on occasion, but it is a pleasant sort.
  • Here you will find a interesting mix of strategy, RPG and tower defense.
  • A tower defense game mixed with some features of moba, rpg and strategy.
  • One of the best Tower Defense game i’ve ever played!BUY IT AND CHECK IT!
  • Again, well designed (with backs story for each type)- Overall game play.
  • You have to meet certain criteria to unlock many of the zones in the game.
  • Awesome tower defense game! Great attention to detail and very atmospheric.
  • There will be unique runes available to be won through the multiplayer mode.
  • Mood, graphics, humor (story), music – I really enjoy it!Ok, enough talk …
  • Everything is well done although the controls seem to be a bit unresponsive.
  • Beautiful graphics and a good storyline to accompany novel tower defense play.
  • Hero Defense – Haunted Island is (somewhat) unique to a regular tower defense.
  • Frequent loot drops and upgrades make for a beautiful give and take experience.</li

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