Infinity Wars – Animated Trading Card Game

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Infinity Wars is traditional trading card gaming completely reimagined as digital free to play for the PC and Mac. Featuring every card fully animated open player-to-player trading modes eliminating pay to win and animated 3D battlefields. Conquer parallel realities with or against your friends now!


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  • It’s not a very casual game.
  • Fun, i just cant stop playing it!
  • Play the rather basic campaign mode.
  • Trial some of the free decks in pvp.
  • Trade SystemTrading system is fantastic.
  • A very fun easy to enjoy gaming experience.
  • More players = less waiting time = more fun 😛
  • I love the graphics and the strategy is endless.
  • If you are looking for Online Trading Card Game.
  • The game has a HUGE amount of strategy and depth.
  • Even if you lose you still level up and get points.
  • It definatly requires a bit of thinking and strategy.
  • Completing the campaign grants cards for each faction.
  • The Overseers, one of the most game-changing factions.
  • By default the mana progresses simply like hearthstone.
  • There’s great variety between the game’s seven factions.
  • I eventually relented and spent some real world dollars.
  • A great cards game, with lots of interactions and combos.
  • This game is a lot like league of legends in this aspect.
  • Actually feels like this game revives the strategy genre.
  • HS is targeted at a casual audience and is fairly simplistic.
  • Second, it enforces a major element of prediction over reaction.
  • It is similar to the Heroes concept in other Trading Card Games.
  • Given you a method to play competitively without spending a dime.
  • The animations and artwork on the cards are incredibly well done.
  • There are a lot of unique factions each with their own play style.
  • Even simple actions such as choosing who goes first is important.4.
  • Magic the Gathering (better in a lot of ways) and totally free to play.
  • This game is full of mechanics that add to the player’s satisfaction.
  • Not only that, you get a free 15-cards booster each time you level up.
  • But the LM staff is quite aware of those and does bug fixes regularly.3.
  • You can also mix and match factions to create a play style to suit yours.
  • The tutorial missions are funny and nicely done without being too boring.
  • A week in and you get a lot of cards through campaign mode and leveling u.
  • I only met one person during PVP, a Russian guy who asked me to play faster.
  • Interesting mechanics of a tcg, fullfillied with cool mechanical interactions.
  • The animated art on the cards is fantastic, and I love the layers of strategy.


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