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We are the world’s premier motorsports racing simulation/game. An membership provides entry into the newest form of competitive motorsport: internet racing. Internet racing is a fun easy and inexpensive way for race fans simracers and gamers alike to enjoy the thrill of the racetrack from the comfort of their home.


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  • Fun game2.
  • iRacing….
  • Lot s of fun!
  • I love iRacing.
  • The best RACING.
  • This is iRacing.
  • Racing or other.
  • Full VR support.
  • And then, have fun.
  • Epicly good racing!!
  • Just pure motorsports.
  • best race car game ever
  • Best overall racing sim.
  • Best racing sim/game ever.
  • Best Racing game there is!
  • I like the FFB in iRacing.
  • Becuase they’re well made.
  • The best sim racing game imo.
  • Best Racing Sim on the Market
  • There are better racing sims.
  • Best “”Racing”” sim available.
  • Best asphalt racing game ever.
  • The best at multiplayer racing.
  • I’ve been iRacing since 3-3-14.
  • Best sim racing game out there.
  • 99% micro-transactions 1% racing
  • Not for the casual arcade racer.
  • This is not for a casual gamers.
  • I’ve been in iRacing since 2012.
  • I’ve been on iRacing since 2010.
  • I’m an iracing member since 2009.
  • Best racing simulation ever made.
  • Xbox 360 controller won’t cut it.
  • Multiplayer:Once again unbeatable.
  • greatest multiplayer car race ever
  • This is exactly what iracing does.
  • There’s nothing quite like iRacing.
  • I started iRacing about a year ago.
  • It has a very steep learning curve.
  • At least I was able to get a refund.
  • The racing is clean 90% of the time.
  • Another excellent racing simulation.
  • Best racing sim you will ever buy…
  • Races are competitive, close and fun.
  • Make new friends, share your passion.
  • Overall if you are a TRUE racing fan.
  • It’s what other racing sims try to be.
  • The racing & competition is unmatched.
  • Best online racing experiance bar none.
  • But there’s one thing iRacing does have.
  • If you love racing, you’ll love iRacing.
  • Road is basically GT’s, Formula One, etc.
  • As a member of iRacing since May of 2009.
  • But its a blast if you really love racing.
  • It’s a small price to pay for hours of fun.
  • Realistic, competitive, multiplayer racing.
  • Only started iRacing a couple of weeks ago.
  • The best motorsport simulation that exists.
  • I don’t think I’ve ever had more fun online.
  • I never thought I would like oval racing….
  • Have had iRacing for five years and love it.
  • There a a few better racing games than this.
  • If you like racing sims you’ll love iRacing.
  • clean online racing, excellent customization.
  • iRacing is one of the many racing sims I own.
  • It has all forms of racing. tracks. and cars.
  • Take your time and treat it like real racing.
  • Great sim, best you can get for online racing.
  • You can find the best online races in iRacing.
  • Star Citizen just moved in that direction too.
  • Just racing with other people around the world.
  • Your personal story just begging to be written.
  • Go to iRacing’s website and buy/subscribe there.
  • Iracing is by far the best racing sim out there.
  • By far the best choice for multiplayer simracing.
  • To me, iRacing is the best and worth every penny.
  • Firstly, because I can’t stand racing against AI.
  • Easily the best multiplayer sim racing experience.
  • The best racing experience you will find anywhere.
  • This game is best treated as a real racing career.
  • This means there’s accountability for your actions.
  • What iRacing does best is online multiplayer races.
  • The only way to enjoy IRacing is by getting a wheel.
  • The longer you stay in iRacing, the cheaper it gets.
  • If you love your sim racing this is the game for you
  • It’s a far cry from anything you’re probably used to.
  • There are very little things I dislike about iRacing.
  • I highly recommend iRacing if your into racing games.
  • Only interested in oval racing? You can do just that.
  • You can link any iRacing account to any Steam account.
  • First of all, the racing format is the best available.
  • Plus the racing never fails to give an adrenaline rush.
  • This is the best online racing experience on the block.
  • Honestly the only real competitive racing sim out there.
  • There seems to be a lot of confusion on What iRacing is.
  • Absolutely nothing compares to what iRacing has offered.
  • It makes for very fun, competitive, and thrilling racing.
  • Nothing quinches the thirst of racing quite like iRacing.
  • Someone who holds that passion at heart for Great racing.
  • I cannot rate iRacing enough, it is absolutely fantastic.
  • One of, if not, the best sim racing game on the internet.
  • In terms of the quality of racing, this sim is unrivalled.
  • Spectacularly detailed and accurate real world racetracks.
  • This is the most fun racing game I have ever played by far.
  • I have had some of the closest races in my life in iRacing.
  • Great racing, great community, its also constantly updated.
  • This game captures the thrill of racing like no other game.


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This game is rated with a 79/100 score in Metacritic.



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