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LiF:Forest Village is a city builder with survival aspects in a realistic harsh medieval world. Shape, build and expand your settlement, grow various food to prevent your villagers from avitaminosis and starvation. Possess them for additional micromanagement or simply to wander around.


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  • This is a lot of fun.
  • I like the First Person.
  • Really fun managing game.
  • Terraforming is a bit much.
  • Nice graphics nice gameplay.
  • Refunded in under ten minutes.
  • The game is incredibly slow paced.
  • This game is so much like Banished.
  • Simply amazing city building game.
  • Calming game with a nice atmosphere.
  • Fun… until sudden freeze and crash.
  • I’d like to turn off weather effects.
  • It’s a middle ages city builder (for now).
  • Fun enough to play, when it’s not crashing.
  • Try it support The developers and have fun.
  • It looks exquisite, and is very fun to play.
  • The music is sweet, relaxing, and well made.
  • A fun early access game with a lot of potential.
  • No building variants, like Banished had.
  • I had to refund because it was unplayable for me.
  • Its like Banished squared, and more, and I love it.
  • Crashes within the first 10 seconds of map loading.
  • Banished meets Stronghold Crusader, totally dope!
  • This game is much like Banished, but it looks better.
  • Many don’t like the terraforming tool, I actually do.
  • Mod support will also be needed to keep replay value high.
  • ZERO pvp, literally build a farm and keep your sims happy.
  • As with any Early Access game, there are technical issues.
  • If you like Banished, than this is proprably a game for you.
  • If you like banished and have spare cash you will like this.
  • Only thing missing from this game is armies and multiplayer.
  • In Banished your people do everything which gets boring fast.
  • They have changed terraforming to x5 speed and I’m loving it.
  • So far this feels like a banished but improved on many levels.
  • Expect alot of terraforming, which requires time and laborers.
  • I just wish they worked on improving the landscaping functions.
  • It looks like it could be fun bet they are far from being done.
  • Its like Banished, pretty boring just micro managing villigers.
  • The game makes the micromanagement of your villagers important.
  • They’ve already fixed the slow terraforming with a quick update.
  • There are definitely some challenges in the general world design.
  • Very fun game, very fun to play and runs well for an Early Access.
  • Looks like a modern RPG and plays like a medieval village builder.
  • Starvation is, however, just about the only threat besides old age.
  • I loved the city building aspect with no constant threat of invasion.
  • The first person or “”villager possession”” is pretty useful and cool.
  • “”You get born, You go to work, You get stuck in pathfinding, You die.
  • And the camera control needs calming down a little as it’s super fast.
  • The terraforming controls seem a bit wonky when adjusting up and down.
  • It makes walking in first person mode a little tedious and frustrating.
  • If you liked banished you will like this game, the first person is fun.
  • Like Banished UI wise, but with terraforming, and awesome new features.
  • If you manage first person you can actually make all the teenagers work.
  • The game is fun, i will continue to play and i will continue to enjoy it.
  • This game is constantly compared to Banished because it IS like Banished.
  • It’s 3-D, as you can see in the trailer, and it plays just like Banished.
  • Not satisfied with the map seeds, too much terraforming needed for my taste.


Life is Feudal: Forest Village

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