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Uncertain of his sister’s fate a boy enters LIMBO



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  • It’s a memorable experience.
  • A beautiful puzzle platformer.
  • Tim Burton’s Super Mario Bros 2
  • One of the best indie games EVER !
  • And the gameplay is extremely clever.
  • The soundtrack is well designed as well.
  • Really cool game with challenging puzzles.
  • Beautiful art style and an amazing atmosphere.
  • Limbo is one of the best Indie-Titles out there.
  • One of the best indie baby I’ve stumbled across!
  • Second half – a typical puzzle game by the numbers.
  • LIMBO is a superlative illustration of a dystopian world.
  • There is more than just jumping and solving easy puzzles.
  • I’m not a big fan of Indie games, but this game is awesome!
  • I like that dark atmosphere, the sounds, everything.
  • Indie games, like everything else in gaming, is hit or miss.
  • Its very simple mechanics make it quite an interesting game.
  • Puzzles are fun at start, at the end they become much harder.
  • LIMBO is a puzzle platformer indie title released in mid 2010.
  • My major gripe about this game was the control system.
  • LIMBO is one of those 2-D platformer games with puzzle elements.
  • Unless you use a guide, you might get stuck in there for a while.
  • The game does offer a very good respawn/checkpoint system though.
  • Limbo was fun i mean after i found out I didn’t Actually need to limbo
  • It’s a beautiful and unique indie game, one that I really did enjoy.
  • oduct received for free Interesting platformer, extremely short though.
  • Sometimes, deaths are swift and gory, with less than a second to react.
  • The magical relaxing nature disappeared because of the difficulty spike.
  • There’s nothing really that requires skill since this is puzzle solving.
  • The dark atmosphere is haunting and cool, and the gameplay is well paced.
  • Even after all these years, LIMBO is still one of the greatest indie-game.
  • From the ambient sounds in the open moments to the noisy bits in the factory.
  • The SFX when the chains rattle and platform grinding on gears is good though.
  • If you don’t like dark atmospheres or side-scrolling puzzlers, give it a miss.


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This game is rated with a 88/100 score in Metacritic.