Mordheim: City of the Damned

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Mordheim: City of the Damned is the first video game adaptation of Games Workshop’s cult classic tabletop game Mordheim. Set in the Warhammer World’s decimated Empire city Mordheim: City of the Damned is a turn-based tactical game where you lead warbands into bloody and lethal skirmishes.


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  • This is the story of Stumpy.
  • Love the warhammer universe.
  • Nice turn-based strategy game.
  • TLDR:No RPG Warband content yet.
  • It’s more frustrating than fun. “
  • I don’t find this part to be fun.
  • It was a very casual friendly game.
  • The campaign missions are VERY hard.
  • I wanted a turn-based strategy game.
  • Turnbased Warhammer Fantasy Squad game.
  • Would also be cool if they implemented 2v2.
  • The author cannot ensure that you will have fun.
  • The biggest trap of all is the multiplayer mode.
  • If I wanted to solve puzzles, I’d go play Portal.
  • Then the dice rolls don’t work against you as much.
  • I highly recommend for fans of turn based strategy.
  • Enemy Ai Warbands will ALLWAYS be superior to yours.
  • Mordheim is a tactical rpg like Fire Emblem or XCOM.
  • The skirmish was hella’ fun and left me wanting more.
  • As in, they appear to have at least 6 actions to my 3.
  • In fact equal parts stress and fun are to be expected.
  • I love it for that, same reason I like xcom/darksouls.
  • The AI does not change it’s strategy in any way, ever.
  • The control scheme is tied to the use of WASD movement.
  • The character design and development system is terrific.
  • Stats can be upgraded as you gain experience in battles.
  • Thsi difficulty here feels like it’s randomly generated.
  • Where in tabletop you could level up almost every battle.
  • The “”more HP system”” of the PC version pleases me more.
  • Um, yay?- Inventory management during missions is madness.
  • If you don’t master the steep learning curve, you will die.
  • Get ready to swap between actions using the Q and E buttons.
  • Miss 4 payments of wyrdstone and no more single player mode.
  • Maybe the best game ever made within the Warhammer universe.
  • Buteven more importantly – it’s already a LOT of fun to play.
  • For instance Xcom or anything from the Jagged Alliance series.
  • For Early Access day 1 I had fun, this game has HUGE potential.
  • I used the Skaven and they stayed true to the Warhammer universe.
  • Mordheim offers a single player mode as well as a multiplayer mode.
  • The combat is fun but think of this as an interesting game of chess.
  • Elegant and intuitive.Gameplay: 6/10The game is Turn Based Strategy.
  • As for what it is, it’s a turn-based strategy game with RPG elements.
  • Two Mercenary factions are missing and the Undead are completely gone.
  • And Half the fun of the game was the awesome leveling system they used.
  • Once warband experience and equipment is functional, then its a hell ya.
  • I’ve played for about 15 hours or so and only completed 1 story mission.
  • Single player in this game will simply not keep anyone interested for long.
  • This means that campaign missions typically take 2-3 tries, at least for me.
  • There is a great feeling of satisfaction that goes into levelling up a party.
  • The planned future updates make no reference to an online matchmaking system.
  • Initiative is by character not side, and action points are a bit more complex.
  • Also, be careful, the campaign mode does have a game over/perma death feature.
  • It feels like a console port.There’s currently no XP/progression/customization.
  • When I say extreme loading times, we are talking 3-5 minutes for a skirmish vs.