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Nyctophilia is 2D psychological thriller about bad things in your head.


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Nyctophilia | The Love of Darkness
Word of the Day – Dec. 21, 2014 – Nyctophilia
Nyctophilia (n.) Love of darkness or night; finding relaxation or comfort
in the darkness.

Nyctophilia – A preference for the night or darkness.
Nyctophilia – (n.) Love of night. Finding relaxation or comfort in the
darkness. [Full Album]

I have Nyctophilia, which means I love the dark. Why does society feel the
need to name everything? I could just as easily say I prefer the dark.

Nitpicky question about “Nyctophilia”
Miss Hysteria – Nyctophilia [Enzyme 058]
Nyctophilia’s uploaded images
Nyctophilia’s uploaded images
[Request] Looking for words/metaphors/sayings (of any language) with the
meaning “”having fun””/””being active”” and describing dawn/night

elevate- nyctophilia
Asylum – Nyctophilia TAA (5×50)
Dead C∆T Bounce & Hydrak – Nyctophilia (Dirty Mix)



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