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Heroes always win! But what happens to those who don’t? Play as unique and colorful characters as the world comes to an end after our heroes’ utter defeat.


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  • Epic story.
  • Good story.
  • A unique RPG.
  • Funny & Witty.3.
  • I Love RPG games!
  • This is a fun game.
  • Controller Support5.
  • Interesting Story.2.
  • Good Battle system.4.
  • The story is top notch.
  • Battle system is good.6.
  • Oh! RPG! is a 16-bit JRPG.
  • The battle system is great.
  • Oh! RPG! is good JRPG game.
  • Old school battle mechanics.
  • Seems like a fun little RPG.
  • It’s as funny as it looks. 🙂
  • First off, there’s the story.
  • Story so far is interesting.3.
  • Some times funny is over done.2.
  • This is an old school style RPG.
  • This is great game in retro style.
  • A very nice RPGMaker Game love it!
  • So far I think this is a fun game .
  • Not difficult, just time consuming.
  • You’ll have fun with this video game.
  • The game is made from RPG Maker MV.2.
  • Worth every penny and very well done.
  • The dialouge is well written and funny.
  • I got it as a gift and I want a refund.
  • After retrying a time or two I move on.
  • For an RPG, this is a pretty good game.
  • Interesting concept of playing the NPCs.
  • I highly recommand this too any RPG fan!
  • Loving the twist on the traditional JRPG.
  • Funniest joke in the game just got funnier.
  • Recommended to pretty much any fan of RPGs.
  • For one, the combat mechanics are well done.
  • OH!RPG! is the fun game with pixel graphics.
  • This is very fun and very entertaining game.
  • Oh! RPG! is the new game of RosePortal Games.
  • All in all I’m kinda in between with this RPG.
  • Thus, it gets the RPG potential of such a game.
  • A quirky and interesting take on the classic RPG.
  • This is the best JRPG on PRG Maker that I played.
  • Do you love SNES era jRPGs? This game is for you.
  • If you love JRPGs like I do, you’ll like this one.
  • Horrible, horrible balance and performance issues.
  • On a serious note, graphics are good for RPG maker.
  • I like it! If you like rpg, you must play this game!
  • Everyone that likes RPG games should play this game.
  • A game that is made in RPG maker usually done right.
  • Story-We all struggle with our patience in RPGMakers.
  • The Heroes are kinda just there for suport and story.
  • Character sometimes gets serious and sometime funny.4.
  • Alot of creativity and excellent character/map design.
  • OH! RPG!This game was given to me for reviewing purposes.
  • A refreshingly unique take on the standard turn-based RPG.
  • If you enjoy RPG-Maker games, this game is perfect for you.
  • I recommend this game to all casual and hardcore rpg gamers.
  • I have saw better rpg maker games better then this for free.
  • XDBasically, OH! RPG! is a (you guessed it) a RPG based game.
  • It is not meant to be played quite like the typical RPG game.
  • It doesn’t have the same disjointed feel like with Epic Quest.
  • I wish indie developers would do this with fighting games too.
  • This is an amazing rpg game for all hardcore and casual gamers.
  • I didn’t, and I asked for a refund.My biggest gripes were:Buggy.
  • Long life to OH! RPG!This is another game from RosePortal Games.
  • Good drawing and paintGood Character and storyI enjoy in this game
  • Also some parts can be difficult if you don’t have a good strategy.
  • [Review Copy Provided]OH! RPG! is, unsurprisingly, an RPGMaker game.
  • This game is really great with good story line and fantasy enjoyable
  • I’ve completed the first two chapters.Pros: – Improved Battle System.
  • This game also has great artwork and actually interesting characters.
  • But it takes another route instead of the standard routine RPGs take.
  • The game have a great story, characters and enemies.Really good game.
  • Though 1-on-1 turn based battles were grueling and wars of attrition.
  • Nice fighting system!well written and cute, casual RPG. two thumbs up!
  • A nice little RPG romp with a price point that screams instant pickup.
  • Lots of bizarre, funny moments, with gobs of references and meta-humor.
  • OH! RPG! is Great game! It has a beautiful graphic and interesting art.
  • It is possible to advise even those who wrest from the words RPG Maker.
  • Cons: – The story could be fleshed out a bit more (at least Chapter 1).
  • This was the first time I saw an RPGmaker game that I was eager to play.
  • And you can play with your XBox Controller (very important point to me).
  • This is no button masher, where you just hit attack until the enemy dies.
  • If you’re not a fan of JRPGs, I don’t think this will be your cup of tea.
  • So:OH! RPG is one of the many RPGs out there made in the RPG Makers series.
  • Dear RosePortal and Aldorlea,I don’t mind that your game is using RPGMaker.
  • The game has excellent soundtrack, good graphics and very interesting story.
  • I think it’s a great twist on the JRPG RPG-Maker games we all know and love.
  • The final boss in particular is one of the worst RPG fights I’ve ever played.
  • Who wants to play failures anyway? In OH! RPG!, traditional roles are reversed.





How Long is OH! RPG!

  • Main: 5 Hours
  • Main +extras: 7½ Hours
  • Completionist: 8½ Hours
  • Combined: 7 Hours
  • Replayability: 33.3333%



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