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In Overwatch, you control one of several heroes in competitive 6-person team shooting matches. Battle over objectives, take down the other team, and achieve victory.

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  • It’s extremely fun.
  • Super easy to earn.
  • Micro transactions.
  • The game is very fast paced.
  • The balance of bad characters.
  • This game is damn near perfect.
  • There is zero character backstory.
  • Every loot box contains four items.
  • There is zero character progression.
  • It’s like Payload and Capture point.
  • It’s easily my favorite team shooter.
  • I have a lot of fun playing this game.
  • This is worth checking out for anyone.
  • The performance is rock solid as well.
  • Solid updated version of Team Fortress.
  • Easily the best FPS in the past decade.
  • Nothing like the usual online shooters.
  • Its a game with a very low skill cap IMO.
  • A must buy for any fan of fps multiplayer.
  • They really need to enable mod support too.
  • A game that truly deserves a perfect score.
  • Runs perfectly with my mid range PC on high.
  • In all seriousness though, it’s really good.
  • The game works like a finely tuned clockwork.
  • Other than that everything appears rock solid.
  • Fun characters and of course a Blizzard title.
  • Overall the game is well made and a lot of fun.
  • The character designs are appealing to the eye.
  • When you log onto the server, people say hello.
  • I would like to see more modes added over time.
  • If you want to enjoy playing a game, pick it up.
  • If only there were more team based fps shooters.
  • Its a first person MOBA like Heroes of the Storm.
  • The art is polished to Blizzards’ high standards.
  • But not every game needs a single player campaign.
  • It’s the first FPS i bought and play since Doom 1.
  • Picked it up on a whim in my lunch break yesterday.
  • You also can adjust key-bindings at the hero level.
  • This game IS like Team Fortress 2, but new and fresh.
  • I don’t think Team Death-match would fit well either.
  • I recommend picking it up for PC instead of consoles.
  • My group has a guy who can’t play shooters for toffee.
  • Overwatch is a brilliant game and it’s extremely fun.
  • You have Junkrat who is like Team Fortress 2’s Demoman.
  • Biggest contender on the most overrated game this year.
  • Simply one of the most polished online shooters around.
  • Cons- Well the game is generally completely unbalanced.
  • What this game doesn’t have is a single player campaign.
  • The map count is super low, the selection of heroes big.
  • It’s pretty clear that a lot of work went into this game.
  • That’s it? That will get boring and repetitive real fast.
  • Other modes are just capture points and just escort train.
  • Characters without self-healing fall behind those that do.
  • It’s a well made barebones F2P game for the IOS generation,
  • That’s not to say the game is perfectly balanced obviously.
  • The other part I am REALLY happy about is the “”pay wall””.
  • The replay value is insanely high.
  • Only downside (so I would quote 9) are the character models.
  • An amazing shooter like no other with Blizzard level polish.
  • It would take years to get all the characters on a F2P model.
  • Game its a simple multiplayer shooter with 1 mode and 8 maps.
  • Why should this game be free to play? Its EXTREMELY polished.
  • This game has everything to be the new titan in the FPS genre.
  • I hate match making systems like this, COD & Battlefield like.
  • Meaning that the one shot kills and devastating alts are real.
  • Overwatch is Blizzard’s take on the FPS (First Person Shooter).
  • The characters are appealing and the environments well planned.
  • Positives:A fantastic example of how a team fps should be done.
  • It is competitive and the different characters are well thought.
  • People also complain that this game has no single player element.
  • This game is action packed from the very first moment you log in.
  • First off, this game has a lot of depth and a high skill ceiling.
  • Geforce experience will optimise the game for better frame rates.
  • The game has no progression and requires little skill or tactics.
  • Many people have put in more – because they’ve had fun playing it.
  • Is it fun? Yes, when your team is playing with the correct heroes.
  • What stops me from giving it a perfect score are two main problems.
  • It feels like a mod for Quake 3 (Graphics, gameplay, feel, sounds).
  • Moreover any single player will not be able to carry the whole team.
  • The characters are diverse and the maps are generally well designed.
  • The 21 characters are very well balanced and every match feels epic.
  • The character design is Pixar quality and dripping with personality.
  • If you’re a Team Fortress veteran–you will feel right at home here.
  • Blizzard has put their own spin on it to make it a fresh experience.
  • I’m playing this since the closed beta and I’m in LOVE with the game.
  • There’s only a handful of modes and maps, and flat-out no deathmatch.
  • With the standard edition only being $40, the pricing isn’t that bad.
  • Love the game or not, it’s one of the most well made games in history.
  • Wow another dead island situation. pros – very pretty and sounds nice.
  • I’ve been playing since closed beta and have hundreds of hours logged.
  • The voice chat banter can be fun and entertaining, depending who’s on.
  • Also behind this paywall are downloadable content and everything else.
  • The gameplay is fun, fast and frantic and there’s never a dull moment.
  • The beta and the last days were really fun and the game feelt original.
  • They are not small maps, is a TF2 payload map small? I don’t think so.
  • But if that is all that drives you play Call of Duty, play Battlefield.
  • Play it at a friends house first and if you don’t like it, don’t get it.
  • I also have good latency so I won the click first battle more the times.
  • Playing online is a blast and trying out different characters can be fun.
  • When joining a quickplay match, you have no choice over game type or map.
  • I expect my new and expensive games to be more fun than my old free ones.
  • A solo campaign doesn’t make any sense in this type of game and gameplay.
  • The game modes and maps are very intuitive(huge +) but have less variety.
  • But after playing open beta – I couldn’t wait for the game to be released.
  • Although this multiplayergame is near perfect I give a 9/10 for this game.
  • Bloodborne was great, Dark souls 3 even better… -OVERWATCH IS FANTASTIC-“
  • Joining lobbies, games, navigating the menu system, is all fluent and quick.
  • Anything that can be bought over micro transactions can be obtained in game.
  • However to simply call the game a first person shooter would be a disservice.
  • You destroy enemies extremely quickly and the hit boxes are ridiculously big.
  • As far as reasonable expectations go, Overwatch is a damn fine steak, though.
  • Team Fortress 2 also had just as many single player options as Overwatch does.
  • If you enjoy being cannon fodder, by all means, waste $40 to be cannon fodder.
  • You’d be hard pressed to get little more than a boring spray most of the time.
  • I’ve taken out an entire team multiple times before with that explosive wheel.
  • No one EVER said that this game was going to have a single player campaign. 2.
  • Nothing about this game is lacking, there’s even voice chat unlike most moba’s.
  • I enjoy the learning curve and most if not all of the maps currently available.
  • What I will also say is that what happened at Blizzards round table is obvious.
  • Don’t believe me in spawn shoot a canister and watch those great smoke effects.
  • No singleplayer, no in-game story, online only….yeah, it’s an online shooter.

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