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Enter a fantasy world of ancient technology in Paladins, a team-based shooter with strategy elements and deep character customization. Through a unique collectible card system, players can amplify and augment a character’s core set of abilities to play exactly how they want to play.


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What would happen if an intelligent greatsword inhabited by an ancient
paladin’s LG spirit was found by a mean-spirited ogre, and the sword kept
making telepathic LG suggestions which the ogre dim-wittedly obeyed…

Thanks, “”Paladins = Overwatch clone”” articles and videos, for introducing
the game to me and to other people!

New Paladin card idea
I quit Paladins for Overwatch 4 Months ago. And I have something to say
about the game

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Lady Liadrin would be much better if she summoned Blood Elves Paladins,
instead of Humans with her Hero Power

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