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A godlike village simulator designed to bridge the gap between the complexities of village simulation with the simplicity of classic 1990s real-time strategy. Inspired by games like Towns Gnomoria Warcraft Banished and Dwarf Fortress.


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Retro-Pixel Castles InDev 17 Trailer

“Retro-Pixel Castles Let’s Play / Gameplay | The Headless | #01 |
Retro-Pixel Castles indev 19”

Retro Pixel Castles Gameplay Quick Look


  • Fun game.
  • Like Banished .
  • Pretty fun game.
  • Good god Im funny.
  • This game many fun.
  • Ray is not that man.
  • Very good and fun game.
  • Great Success! Great Fun!
  • Can’t rotate in map editor.
  • This game is very well made.
  • Very fun, and semi accessible.
  • A fun game, highly recommend it.
  • Already loads of fun early game.
  • But it’s still fun and quite playable.
  • Tower DefenseThat is what the game is.
  • I will keep playing.Game: allot of fun.
  • Original and good looking strategy game.
  • Love it, do a major bug fix update please.
  • Great Game with an deep Gameplay mechanics.
  • Beta, waiting for the good stuff isnt fun!2.
  • Pixel Castles is a fun and interesting game.
  • Really fun the hour that i did flew by fast.
  • A fun and relaxing game with great potential
  • I hate tower defense games and felt mislead.
  • He is an indie dev making a good little game.
  • For those who want it, there is Survival mode.
  • A little bit of Tower defense is in there too.
  • Pretty fun to play even this early in development.
  • I play a lot of simulation and world building games.
  • No strategy involved, or rather not yet implemented.
  • It looked like a simple management game, indie style.
  • slow pacing town simulation, “”Lemmings + Banished””.
  • If you like tower defense games, you might like this.
  • And you will feel, that the developer knows whats fun.
  • fun in the begining, but becomes very difficult on out.
  • I think you should add farm animals/animals to the game.
  • No undo/redo in map editor, Most likely will be changed.
  • It is a fun and emerging rouge build a town/village game.
  • But once you understand what to do, the game is good fun.
  • Easy controls, decent (enough) graphics, and fun gameplay.
  • Shows alot of hope and updates. hope this isn’t like towns
  • There is something you can get out and giving you some fun.
  • Very Fun! 😀 not much to do yet, but i still like it :D!…
  • Feels like Dwarf Fortress but more simple, yet still complex.
  • This is a fun game and has the potential to be even better. “
  • A cool goodlike simulation with an awesome Developer Support.
  • It’s like SIM CITY because you have no direct control on them.
  • This is a cool village builder with added survival elements! “
  • What you really end up with is a glorified tower defense game.
  • I put about 40 hours into Dwarf Fortress, and quite enjoyed it.
  • Fun little game with tons of potential and a really active dev.
  • The game is fun even though it is still in early development…
  • I’m having a lot of fun playing this game with my morning coffee.
  • The best way I can describe it is a God/tower defense village sim.
  • Well done Dev! You have something unique and awesome brewing here.
  • Like other tribes trying to kill my people or simply wild animals.
  • I did enter Survival mode by accident and found it very challening.
  • I don’t remember the last time I had so much fun playing a new game.
  • I recommend it because it has a lot of potential, and it’s fun right now.
  • The community has shown it is wanted with funding so it’s going to happen.
  • It’s pretty fun, especially if you acquire it at the price of 5$ like i did.
  • The game/developer seems to be of the opinion that losing should be “”fun””.
  • Coming from loving a long line of simulation games, this is a great addition.
  • This game could (and most likely will) become legendary among strategy games.
  • Don’t be turned off by alpha zombie survival, it’s a fun game that works well.
  • DRM Free An also nice selection of enemies, and jobs, adds a good bit of depth.
  • It is still fun to build a village, gather resources, and defend from monsters.
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