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Embark on an epic journey in this hardcore Multiplayer RPG! As a Galactic Cadet you and your Combat Squad of friends must brave hostile worlds in search of valuable loot and resources. Craft powerful gear slay otherworldly creatures and save the galaxy.


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Gamers opinions

  • A great indie game
  • Sound effects are bad.
  • Tight controls with tight fights.
  • Use scrap metal to build your own ship.
  • The difficulty curve is also ridiculous.
  • Fun to play alone and even better co-op!
  • Main quest lines take about 10 minutes to complete.
  • Multiplayer feature, always a nice feature to have.
  • This has everything a rogue-like rpg needs and more.
  • GameplayIt has extremely similar aspects from magicite.
  • The game mechanics are rewarding and amazingly well done.
  • Alternate title should be “”Adventures in rage-quitting.”” “
  • It’s like dark souls but with lasers requires serious skillz
  • Rogueland is based on very tight controls and dynamic fights.
  • With multiplayer, perma-death but perma storage between characters.
  • Play with friends, hack, slash, loot, and support this dope game.
  • Zero gravity Magicite with the ability to kind of save your progress.
  • You start on your ship and it has a portal to randomly generated level.
  • I really like this, it varies the graphics so you don’t get bored of it easily.
  • There’s crafting! You loot building materials that let you make gear and potions.3.
  • You will have to expect permadeath, difficult gameplay and randomly generated levels.
  • Reminds me games on Sega platforms back in the days but much more varied and colored.
  • Level up your character, find sweet skills that don’t fit your current playstyle.
  • Roguelands has the most fun gear and is super fun to fight things in.
  • With all that’s been said and done, indeed there are plenty for indie games around e.g.
  • It’s extremely difficult but very fun and I recommend it for all people who played magicite.

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