Sea Dogs: To Each His Own

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1654 AC. The Caribbean. A place of opportunities and mysteries. Take a role of Charles de Maure – a young French noble who arrived to the New World to assist his brother. What seemed to be a simple family matter turned into a lifelong adventure!


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User reviews

  • With outdated graphics.
  • Think of it as the Warband of Mount & Blade.
  • The fun in this game is locked behind a difficulty wall.
  • The story got much better since the first Age of Pirates.
  • Game ran just fine, but holy cow the translation job’s a mess.
  • Why not start with more corridor level tutorial to explain some basics.
  • Many quests, including story missions, have several variants of solution.
  • However, once you get through all that, it’s a really rewarding experience.
  • Beautiful places, locations and the spectacular frame in a whole lot of …
  • Ran into several characters in the starting town that still had full Russian dialogue trees.
  • I really wanted to give this game a shot, however the system requirements listed are complete bs.
  • My PC could barely hit 30 fps even though my system specs go above and beyond the recommended ones.


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