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Rally here! Join millions of players in Smite the online battleground of the gods. Whether this is your first Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game or you’re a seasoned veteran the competitive action and irreverent mythology of SMITE will make you a believer.



User reviews

  • Beautifully drawn and inspiring.
  • The combat is fast and highly addictive.
  • 10/10 Get banned 30 minutes for rage quitting,
  • The game has a portal 2 skin for the God Janus.
  • I should have at least 300 hours, perhaps more.
  • And God help you if you queue for league… God help you.
  • The jungle areas, although small, have great detail too.
  • You use WASD like any other game, unless it’s LOL or dota.
  • One of my first games was on conquest going against bots.
  • Overall really good.I give this game a bloody awesome 10/10.
  • I can say that this is helped by the cartoony style graphics.
  • Each time your character levels up, it gives you a skill point.
  • I am very happy to see it on this store. It is a 3rd person MOBA.
  • SMITE adds a completely new perspective — third person.
  • In my 40+ hours of playing I met maybe two people who were toxic.
  • Like I mentioned earlier, the controls are set to a WASD movement.
  • Each gamemode starts you off with a specific level, usually at level 3.
  • Alors, donnez-lui une chance, si vous ne savez pas de quoi parle ce jeu.
  • I loved seeing the different gods and the amount of detail put into them.
  • I always saw them as boring point & click games, but oh boy, Smite surprised me.
  • The difficulty curve isn’t too high, and it’s just fun!
  • Everyone of my friends thats given Smite a fair chance, are hooked just like I was.
  • Because of the shooter style of gameplay, it is always action packed and fast paced.
  • A third person MOBA that doesn’t force you to click to move? I was instantly hooked.
  • MOBA aspects: 1v1 3v3 4v4 and traditional 5v5 with different maps for each game mode.
  • The third person makes this MOBA the most unique MOBA out of all the others out there.
  • It mixes the real world aspect of mythology with a highly competitive 3rd-person MOBA.
  • It has great flexibility.Awesome Community: The community overall is mature and civil.
  • And the 24 euro God pack is SUPER AWESOME.I like when i see a good “”moba”” on steam. “
  • It panders to, and compliments a different style; thus gives a very different experience.
  • Uses a third person camera angle that give you immersion that you can’t find in other Mobas.
  • The character models are all high in detail and really well animated using rag doll effects.
  • Smite is one of the first MOBA games I have played for a length of time longer than 2 hours.
  • The game’s third person view means that every skill is a skill shot, even your basic attacks.
  • You see, Smite is played entirely from the third person, instead of a top down RTS-type game.
  • They provide gem events, which allows players to earn gems that you can buy with transactions.
  • It’s satisfying to build a tank that 5 enemy gods and a tower, all at once, can’t easily kill.
  • Ive seen the release of more broken gods than i knew were possible, and i still love this game.
  • It allows plays to time their skill shots, combine skills etc which makes the game so much fun.
  • The game design is pretty light hearted, and the community is not nearly as toxic as other MOBAs.
  • It’s immensely fun to play if you put the time and effort into properly learning MOBA ettiquette.
  • Each character has their own skill set with four unique abilities, with the added passive ability.
  • Yeah sure, I mean there are things you can buy with real money but in no way is it “”Pay to Win””.
  • Do yourself the favor and throw away all your conventional thoughts on MOBAs, and give this a shot.
  • When you first start the game, you’re only given a five gods, plus with the added ones on rotation.

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