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Massive scale 4X-RTS set in space. Control hundreds of planets manipulate galactic politics research numerous advanced technologies and command thousands of units and hundreds of planets in your quest for galactic dominance.


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  • Combat is real fun.2.
  • Mod Support: Heck yes.
  • Very fun and underated game.
  • Not a grand 4x strategy game.
  • The cold war aspect is amazing.
  • An enigmatic gem of a space 4X.
  • AI war in my oppinion was a mess.
  • Ship design is fun and makes sense.
  • Ship designer is real fun.
  • All of the basic functions are there.
  • Even RTS fans are like to find appeal.
  • Resource management is too complicated.
  • It is my favorite space 4X game by far.
  • Vote on actions via the Galactic Senate.
  • Fallout 4? I got preordered for 20% off.
  • I’ll be looking for you in multiplayer. “
  • It’s fun for a bit but it’s very formulaic.
  • Unique style of planet/resource management.
  • Design and build ships to defend and attack.
  • Some add pressure, some add special effects.
  • No real strategy in it, more hack and slash.
  • This is the most fun I’ve had in a long time.
  • In single player I have kinda just ignored it.
  • Each card is an action, a vote or a proposition.
  • Even the story and the setting is somewhat nice.
  • But not all of the factions have different ships.
  • Graphics are great, fleet battles look fantastic.
  • Very few sub systems to put in your ship designs5.
  • Orbital space stations are player-built, at least.
  • All are enjoyable and create different experiences.
  • Early Access Review Star Ruler 2 is a 4x Space Sim.
  • There isn’t any combat micromanagement to do either.
  • I dislike the new planet system and research system.
  • This makes it so that the ship designs stay optimal.
  • You can create planets and even whole solar systems.
  • This is a fun and quirky game of 4x space domination.
  • The ship design is a huge step back from what it was.
  • It’s easy to get started and fun to explore and fight.
  • The only thing that has come close is space empires
  • Personally, I rather enjoyed playing it on multiplayer.
  • It’s pretty easy to ignore – at least in single player.
  • Detailed solar systems, down to planetary surface maps.
  • This is more a puzzle game than a good 4x strategy game.
  • In particular, I like the new planetary leveling system.
  • The alien races are all varied and play very differently.
  • I’m sorry, I absolutely hate this new ship design method.
  • In order to level up a planet you need to have x resorces.
  • It’s what Planetary annihilation is to Total annihilation.
  • I think its better than Gal Civ 2 & 3, Endless Space, etc..
  • Fun Fact for you…I almost never buy things at full price.
  • This game makes Sins of Solar Empire look like a kids game.
  • MoO3, Endless Space, Sword of the Stars 2, all sad memories.
  • This is one of the best 4X grand strategy games money can buy.
  • I think it’s the best strategy game I have played to this day.
  • I was looking for exactly this kind of a 4X strategy for years.
  • The game is built on tabs now, for major interactions at least.
  • I have played many 4x and grand strategy titles over the years.
  • Ship design – Okay, maybe I will condemn SR2 just a little bit.
  • Even Galciv and Distant Worlds weren’t quite good enough for me.
  • Great fun!Bonus points – the game is extremely easy to mod. +1
  • Combat – THIS is what fleet battles in a 4x game should be like.
  • Ship design is very detailed and quite fun if that’s your thing.
  • However, this system provides a good blend of form and function.
  • Easy to get lost, but it works.-Ship design is daunting(for me).
  • It adds the ability to have tons of different options and effect.
  • There are many possibilities out there to have fun with the game.
  • Funny started by Masters of Orion something like two decades ago.
  • There are multiple factions with different abilities and shipsets.
  • It makes the UI of Distant Worlds look really clean and efficient.
  • Ship design is a little wonky but I could see it having potential.
  • The fleet battles I can barely even describe they are so fantastic.
  • Planets can, via the importation of resources, level up to level 5.
  • For comparison, I have 36 hours in the Paradox space strategy game.
  • I was curious and tried to create a galaxxy with 6000 star systems.
  • In order to level up a planet you need to import specific resources.
  • Game has stability problems with both multiplayer and single player.
  • I really think that SR2 is one of the best space 4x games out there.
  • Most 4X games are TBS (Turn Base Strategy) and it was a nice change.
  • This game has everything a Space Grand Strategy 4x game has to offer.
  • In order to level up a planet, one must acquire sufficient resources.
  • You custom design each ship you use to your own purpose and strategy.
  • Dry Docks can help you build ships that you couldn’t otherwise afford.
  • Ship design is fun and highly recommended to get the best ships built.
  • Its great, very playable, especially in Multiplayer with your friends.
  • Lots of reviews don’t agree, but it is just Final Fantasy’s grid system.
  • I’ve played sins and AI war, neither seemed to grasp me as this game has.
  • In most space rts’s diplomacy takes a backseat with very limited options.
  • It offers numerous features and a unique style compared to similar games.
  • You can also offer bribes to other factions to throw their lot in with you.
  • Custom build ships!!Diplomacy that works, rather than, trade x for x? = NO.
  • Game doesn’t really have much content to it, it’s more of a casual 4X game.
  • There is heavy modding support and there is over 150 items on the workshop.
  • For example there could be more ship designs and different ship formations.
  • The graphics will not blow you away, but they are solid and very well done.

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