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Explore a vast galaxy full of wonder! Paradox Development Studio, makers of the Crusader Kings and Europa Universalis series presents Stellaris, an evolution of the grand strategy genre with space exploration at its core.

User Reviews

  • Beautiful soundtrack.
  • It’s not grand strategy either.
  • So it’s a solid 4x, worth to buy.
  • it’s better then sid meier’s smile
  • SEVERLY lacking depth as a 4x game.
  • Galactic Civilizations; Stellaris is here.
  • In Distant Worlds, you can automate everything or nothing.
  • If you like Grand Strategy, 4x or Space, you should buy this.
  • It is made to be mod friendly, and it shows in base gameplay.
  • However, I do love is Resource Management and Base Building games.
  • Compared to EU or Crusader Kings the game seems to be pretty plain.
  • Wars are unrecoverable. -Micromanagement is from the dark ages here.
  • The management part seems to scale pretty badly with the empire size.
  • It’s a amazing framework for the best space strategy game of our time.
  • I think a greater variety of wargoals would be a really nice addition.
  • But it is amazing how many options you have to deal with other empires.
  • However, actual combat is just moving stacks onto eachother, as in EU4.
  • The early game perfectly captures the feeling of curiosity and exploration.
  • Playing on a large screen TV or at high resolution can make you squint a bit.
  • This game achieves perfect balance of features, complexity and simplification.
  • The tutorial is very well written and smoothly transitioned into my first game.
  • If you enjoy Space games and Grand Strategy games you will want to pick this up.
  • But it feels less like a grand strategy and more like a somewhat shallow 4X game.
  • Distant Worlds has fuel, this game allows you to just hop to ends of the universe.
  • So disappointing.The AI cheats – you can’t for instance make them run out of energy.
  • Overall very good 9.5 out of 10 love paradox now due to this fantastic well made game
  • A cold war started, and eventually I thought I could overpower them and declared war.
  • How good is this game? Good enough where I think I won’t need to buy Endless Space 2.
  • I’ve been looking for a decent 4X space strategy for ages and Paradox have delivered.
  • I will admit the game as it currently stands feels like just the start of the journey.
  • The map seems easy enough to understand, and the ability to find stuff seems painless.
  • The first time i’ve bothered with a ship designer in a decade.Addicting and a lot of fun.
  • You build a science or mineral outpost and thats it. – The ship building is also useless.
  • The game surely needs to be polished in regards of some UI elements and Diplomacy aspect.
  • You can construct power plants, in lots of different ways in order to get Energy Credits.
  • In distant worlds, you had complete freedom to add modules to the ship up to their limit.
  • Empire setup is one of the strongest points, but its already leading to massive min/maxing.
  • The soundtrack is definitely worth the extra cost for its great quality and good atmosphere.
  • You’ll find strange anomolies that spawn research projects and discover wonderous new worlds.
  • Great gameplay, interesting stories, the best 4X game of the decade, a must buy for all fans.
  • Each elected leader has different personalities as well, with different aims, platforms, etc.
  • There are also alliances and federations.Also, the population management system is full-blown.
  • I’m waging war just to destroy all life on their planets, and they end up giving them to me…
  • If you ever wanted to have true sequel to Master Of Orion 2, this is it (although in real-time).
  • Want to play in the Milky Way galaxy? make your own galaxy (or wait for someone else to make it).
  • For the price of admission, you really cannot go wrong if you are a strategy fan or a sci fi nerd.
  • Also, demanding trade deals, access, technology, star charts, etc, should all be possible goals.





How Long is Stellaris

  • Main: 12½ Hours
  • Main +extras: 21½ Hours
  • Completionist:
  • Combined: 15½ Hours
  • Replayability: 18.75%

Critic Reviews

This game is rated with a 78/100 score in Metacritic.

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  • Stellaris has ruined any other space-4X game for me. I played Master of Orion (yawn) recently and I just couldn’t enjoy its tiny scope and lack of features and immediately missed the Stellaris “living galaxy” feel. It’s even destroyed my nostalgia for games like Galactic Civilizations and the origin Master of Orion and Master of Orion II. Paradox is setting a crazy-high bar for every other company out there. The only company I trust nearly as much is CD Projekt RED (The Witcher games).

    You don’t realize how lucky you are. The end-game is changing. If you follow the upcoming patch notes, the October update and the War in Heaven DLC will bring massive mid/end-game changes. Paradox sometimes takes a while to build the game we are all looking for but they almost always get it right. Most other developers would be thinking of the next game and giving you the finger by now.

    The way space 4X games work it’s hard to have that same depth when you don’t have a history to build on like you do in games like Victoria and Europa Universalis. They get thousands of pre-written years of expectations for you and that’s actually more boring than Stellaris giving you a clean slate to build the Galaxy of your dreams. Perhaps it requires more work than you want to put in having to use your imagination. Maybe it’s not scripted as heavily (but thankfully Paradox is fantastic at add-ons and the community is second to none in terms of modding.

    The depth you want is coming. Some of the best features didn’t make it in for time reasons at release and they are supposed to be adding a lot of what you need in the Heinlein patch in Oct. Just hold on and get a box of tissues for those tears and your patience will be rewarded. The game is still quite new and I am sure you’ve put a thousand hours into one that has already had the benefit of time and add-ons to make it more robust. Patience is a virtue, get some.

    Nick 6 September, 2016 5:54 pm Reply

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