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Descend into the depths of an alien underwater world filled with wonder and peril. Craft equipment pilot submarines terraform voxel terrain and out-smart wildlife to explore lush coral reefs volcanoes cave systems and more – All while trying to survive.


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User reviews

  • Please add multiplayer !
  • Holy cow, this game is amazing.
  • Can’t wait for future content. 🙂
  • Great graphics and super-simple interface.
  • I have encountered bugs but they were minor.
  • Don’t buy on Steam if you have an Oculus Rift.
  • You have to learn fast or die fast in this game.
  • I play on high settings and the water is amazing.
  • With no real tutorial yet the dying comes easy.
  • This game is incredibly immersive and highly addictive.
  • I sometimes use console commands to give myself a quick boost.
  • They should have waited until full access before releasing this.
  • The graphics are well done and there are some fantastic seascapes.
  • I check back everyday to see if theres new features to play with .:)
  • It is lacking features but I can’t wait for the future of this game.
  • This first thought was from the early access sticker being slabbed on.
  • Oculus offers developers free keys to hand out for this type of thing.
  • In the current form (which will hopefully change) it is highly nauseating.
  • Great game! EXPLORE! explore explore EXPLORE! multi player will be AMAZING!
  • Bugs are still out there! Little problems WILL pop up in your game, no question.
  • I love story based games, and I didn’t realize that this game would have a story.
  • Even though I’m playing on an older game card, the graphics are pretty damn awesome.
  • The reactor cores inside must be repaired, or radiation will flood your home miles away.
  • The content is beautifully made too which is amazing.
  • This game is perfection, only thing I would change is for the world to be randomly generated.
  • this is a great game if you like the survival crafting games but overall its a really cool game
  • You have your standard survival experience where you have to manage health, hunger, thirst and air.

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