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The infamous tough-as-nails platformer comes to Steam with a playable Head Crab character (Steam-exclusive)!


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With its roots in a browser game, you might assume that Super Meat Boy is heavy on flash and light on substance. You couldn’t be more wrong. Super Meat Boy combines a mastery of the fundamentals of the classic platformer with a cheeky, exuberant presentation to create something unforgettable.

You are Meat Boy, and your mission is to rescue Bandage Girl from the sinister Mr. Fetus. This being a comprehensive pastiche of the prehistoric videogame story, you’re foiled at the end of each stage as Bandage Girl is whisked away by the villainous Fetus. Better massage your thumbs and come calling on that other castle.

Super Meat Boy is a 2D platformer stripped to its barest essentials. The stages, of which there are hundreds, are seldom more than a few screens long, but they’re unrelentingly dense with obstacles. Meat Boy’s squishy mortality is of no consequence; if you fail, and fail you will, you start back at the beginning after a few brief moments. The levels are short enough that they don’t require checkpoints, and this, along with the game’s non-punitive approach to death, encourages lots of experimentation. Don’t be surprised to find yourself flinging Meat Boy into saw blades for the sheer amusement of it.

The fundamentals are simple and timeless, but where Super Meat Boy goes above and beyond the scope of the typical retro indie game is in its variety. New elements are introduced with alarming regularity, and once you’ve become comfortable with the last permutation, the game drops yet another wrinkle. From disappearing blocks to portals in space that respond to your momentum, the surprises do not cease, compounding upon themselves throughout the whole game to construct mini puzzle platform masterpieces. The difficulty rides the perfect line between driving you utterly bonkers when you fail and making you feel like a platform pro when you succeed.

It’s a huge game too, rife with secrets and hidden treats. Every level has a “dark world” counterpart that ups the difficulty significantly and there numerous secret stages that will test your twitch skills the fullest. Unlockable characters, garnered by completing special warp-zone levels or by collecting bandages fiendishly placed throughout the game’s toughest stages, provide subtle variations on Meat Boy’s simple repertoire of moves that feel different enough without trivializing the challenges.

We’ll make no bones about it: Super Meat Boy is a masterful platformer packed with multitudes of cool stuff, and it will keep you playing well longer than its bargain price tag would suggest. It’s a steal at its current special price of 800 Microsoft points, and well worth the 1200 it’ll eventually get bumped to. Prepare yourself for some state-of-the-art retro gaming.

User reviews

  • Super Meat Boy is an incredibly challenging, but incredibly fun fast paced platforming game.
  • The story mode and levels are pretty fun, ranging from different sceneries.
  • Amazingly slick and well made! If you like to challenge yourself, then this game is perfect for you.
  • There’s plenty to play in both the main game and the community levels, and the entire game fells well designed and thought through.
  • I highly recommend playing this with an Xbox 360 controller.
  • Imagine dark souls only as a platformer and take away the rpg, make it harder and make everything dangerous instakill you and you have super meat boy.
  • Never get bored with this game!! soooo addicting but in a good way.
  • Super Meat Boy is the game that started this new obsession for brutal precision platformers.
  • Super Meat Boy is a the creme de la creme of 2D challenging platformers.
  • A villain has taken Bandage Girl and you as Super Meat Boy must reach her at the end of every single level.
  • Super Meat Boy has a lot of content for your money, complete with a level designer to unlock.
  • With a side-scrolling, 2D platformer gameplay, Super Meat Boy is a challenging experience that may stress the calmest player.

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This game is rated with a 87/100 score in Metacritic.