Templar Battleforce

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Templar Battleforce is an addictive mix of strategic combat and army building with the precision of an RPG. Step into the pilot suit of a Leviathan mech and lead the Templar Knights in battle against fierce enemies.


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  • Well written story.
  • Fun and challenging game.
  • This game is a lot of fun.
  • Lots of special abilities.
  • Cheap, fun and interesting.
  • Turn based strategy, check.
  • The feeling of satisfaction
  • You like XCOM? Buy this game.
  • You have to make hard choices.
  • Very fun, definitely recommend.
  • Enjoyed the game and the story.
  • I miss quality turn based games.
  • Actions use AP and generate Heat.
  • This is a truely fun game to play.
  • And team building is a lot of fun.
  • Graphics are simple but functional.
  • This is a fun little strategy game.
  • Interesting move and action mechanic.
  • Lots of different weapons and armors.
  • It is one of my favourite indie games.
  • It is a fabulous little strategy game.
  • Highly recomended, well done Tres bros
  • A fun, balanced, tactical strategy game.
  • The graphic style is nice and enjoyable.
  • Also, surprisingly good music and story.
  • Plays very much like FFG board games e.g.
  • Very fun game from a very committed team.
  • It’s ten usd and with refunds, why not? “
  • For an Indie game this is very well done.
  • Its got a solid story in its own setting.
  • Like if you have 6 move and action points.
  • Do not let the dated graphics put you off.
  • Solid tactical game with interesting lore.
  • This is a decent turn-based strategy game.
  • It’s got a good setting for a fun TBS game.
  • Nostalgic “”16bit era”” type story telling.
  • Xenos in this tactical turn based strategy.
  • Well balanced with some surprises in store.
  • Yes – it is still a turn-based tactical RPG.
  • Some hard choices with palpable consequences.
  • A must have for any lover of turn-based RPGs.
  • Absolutely phenomenal turn based combat game.
  • Great turned based strategy with RPG elements.
  • It’s fun, polished and great value for money. “
  • Excellent game if you like squad based tactics.
  • Clearly the story is not the focus of the game.
  • Probably the best tactical RPG I’ve played on PC.
  • An excellent game for fans of squad based tactics.
  • The music, on the other hand, is a different story.
  • Definitely a must play for tactical turn based fans.
  • You move 3 spaces and then shoot for 3 action points.
  • However, unlike Space Marines, they can be women too.
  • It let’s you take your time to plan out your strategy.
  • Fans of XCOM will enjoy the turn based, squad tactics.
  • Luckily, taking no action dramatically cools the armor.
  • You would have 3 action points and no move points left.
  • It is rare that a game gets it right on so many levels.
  • Sound effects are also serviceable but nothing amazing.
  • if you like turn based tact games, this is pretty good.
  • There are many fun stats and skills to lose yourself in.
  • Really cool game, and the tactical combat is really fun.
  • I moved through the game well and it was fun throughout.
  • The audio is functional but nothing to write home about.
  • A must have for turn based strategy/tactics enthusiasts.
  • It is a bit like space hulk… except that it is good ;).
  • Definitely alot more depth and more RPG elements than TA.
  • A must buy if you are a fan of turn based tactical games.
  • It has some flaws, but far fewer than on most indie games.
  • You also get to assign skill points when tempars level up.
  • The story line I feel also adds greatly to the experience.
  • I was in a mood for strategy and blowing things up one day.
  • I can play a level or two and then move onto something else.
  • But it wouldn’t be RTS or Turn based strategy if it was easy
  • This is a very high quality game that’s well worth the money.
  • For an indie 2d game, it is very polished and well supported.
  • For fans of top-down tactical RPG, this one won’t disappoint.
  • They take suggestion.The storyline is pretty much irrelevant.
  • If you like turn based squad-tactics you should check it out.
  • TLDR; Worth every penny if you like squad/turn-based strategy.
  • It has a deep unlock system to provide plenty of replay value.
  • More then in any other turn based tactic game i played before.
  • You have squad of Templars(Space Marines) to lead on a mission.
  • It reminds me of the old SSI strategy games from the 80’s-90’s.
  • Definitely worth a try if you like Warhammer and strategy games.
  • It s till being updated so who knows? All in all a very fun game.
  • This game gives a great fun and challenge at an affordable price.
  • Templar BattleforceOld school, turn based team strategy goodness.
  • This is a great length for a storyline game for this price point.
  • Bought this game looking for a decent tactical squad combat game.
  • It’s easy to jump right in to the action and pick it up as you go.
  • This is basically a dumbed down SpaceHulk with a JRPG sensibility.
  • Each mission they level up , increase stats and learn new talents.
  • Templar Battleforce is an indie turn based RPG from Trese Brothers.
  • If you like turn based tactical combat ( I do), then buy this game.
  • That is no problem for me but it bears mentioning.- The action, hmm.
  • This game is an amazing effort for a tactical turn based squad game.
  • There is melee combat as well which opens up a few new possibilities.
  • Squad Based Turn Based Tactical Shooter with a lot of RPG elements…


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