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Dig fight explore build! Nothing is impossible in this action-packed adventure game. Four Pack also available!


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User reviews

  • Terraria is one of the best games that I’ve ever played, and for ten dollars, it’s impossible to go wrong.
  • The best 2D sandbox game out there.
  • The new bosses are a really big challenge and very cleverly done.
  • You enjoy building, being creative, making pixel art? Play Minecraft, it’s the perfect game for you.
  • Enjoy building, mining and open ended games.
  • It just becomes more enjoyable each hour… and with each boss killed.
  • Terraria tones down a lot of what Minecraft is in building and creativity, then makes up for it in the exciting combat and boss system.
  • It’s always fun, when you dig through caves, build houses for NPCs or farm some raw materials like mushrooms, wood and plants.
  • Including the new game mode known as “”Expert Mode”” which is basically like turning the difficulty up to ‘brutal’.
  • Loot, that you can find in game is important, but not as much as your skill! Try it out, if you like challenging games with almost endless replayability!
  • You even have magic weapons, like spell books, and mana weapons.
  • This game has a very nice and active mod community.
  • Imagine mixing Super Mario and Metroid together to bake a cake, and then adding Minecraft on top as the icing.

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How Long is Terraria

  • Main: 37½ Hours – 141 Hours
  • Main +extras: 66½ Hours
  • Completionist: 113 Hours
  • Combined:
  • Replayability: 33.8298%

Critic Reviews

This game is rated with a 83/100 score in Metacritic.