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Take the role of ARID the artificial intelligence within a high-tech combat suit. The Fall is a unique combination of adventure-game puzzle solving and side-scroller action all set within a dark and atmospheric story. Get ready for a disturbing journey as you explore the world of The Fall.


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  • Story is well written.
  • So this is not an action game.
  • Sci-fi adventure/horror? Check.
  • Action itself is satisfying enough.
  • Amazing effects. 10/10 Metroidvania?
  • Finally, the sound design is top-notch.
  • This is a very intriguing adventure game.
  • You release RB to select your interaction.
  • Adventure game with simple combat elements.
  • Really interesting puzzle/action game thing.
  • Unconventional, adventure game-like puzzles.
  • The combat controls are primitive and clunky.
  • A wonderful dark atmosphere and a strong story.
  • Really enjoyed the dark atmosphere of this game.
  • Great little indie gem that uses the medium well.
  • Challenging puzzles that made you think carefully.
  • Some simple shooting and taking cover type of action.
  • Nice adventure, and it is definitely worth the money.
  • The environmental puzzles and exploration kept me going.
  • The Fall is a kickstarted side-scrolling sci-fi adventure.
  • It is guilty of most of the usual adventure game failings.
  • Here is why:This game is very well designed in my opinion.
  • This is a indie game so some level of forgiveness is in order.
  • It’s a side-scrolling adventure game with some combat elements.
  • Outside of exploration and puzzle solving, there’€™s the combat.
  • Like any adventure game, what drives you to play it is the story.
  • The gameplay is very pleasing, as is the sound design and the music.
  • Think more Tales of Monkey Island, and less Metroid.
  • But you go outside, there’s a thing that happens…and then it’s over.
  • That’s something I liked, and was very well done and well voice acted.
  • Brilliantly written and executed adventure game. I really like The Fall.
  • A must-buy if you’re a fan of adventure games with just a bit of action.
  • I have never “”adventure gamed”” my way through something so absolutely.
  • The Fall is a side scrolling, almost point and click style adventure game.
  • Some indiegames try to accomplish too much and fail but this one does not.
  • + Wonderful and compelling storytelling, great atmosphere and voice acting.
  • This game is an interesting blend of 2D shooter and point and click adventure.
  • One thing I would say, this is an adventure game masquerading as a platform game.
  • The dialogue is well written, delivered well, and the characters are interesting.
  • For the majority it felt like you had to try every item on every action to progress.
  • I highly recommend this game if you’re interested in puzzle solving with a narrative.
  • The cover system is cool and some special abilities, like the cloak, is pretty neat too.
  • Sound design is decent, with acceptable voice work involved, and the graphics are decent.
  • The Fall is a great story, well told, and it’s thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish.
  • What looks like a similar action adventure game to The Swapper, The Fall is its own beast.
  • It was another side scroller that had a surprisingly great story and deeper meaning to it.
  • This is a solid adventure game with a plot that hooks you in, especially if you’re a SF fan.
  • Essentially a point and click adventure that prods the mind of robotics and their rule sets.
  • It’s very dark atmosphere, with a very captivating story, and the puzzles are pretty clever.
  • I know what I need to do, but there’s no way to do it given the extremely limited interface.
  • The Fall is a clever version of point and click combined with classic 2D platformer elements.
  • Just expect more emphasis on puzzles and story than action, and you’ll probably enjoy it too.
  • But it also incorporated some light action firefights to spice up the problem solving stages.
  • This was an interesting point and click style adventure with some actual 2D gunplay mixed in.
  • The art design is mostly in the dark, so if an item is dropped or changes, you might miss it.
  • The Fall is a 2-d sidescrolling shooter with elements of platforming and graphical adventures.
  • One of the best games I have played in a long time, for a indie title its comparable to a AAA!


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