Thea: The Awakening

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Thea: The Awakening is a turned-based strategic survival game inspired by the Slavic mythology and set in a procedural dark fantasy world infused with non-linear story and unique combat system.


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  • Really fun.
  • Crafting system.
  • This isn’t an RPG.
  • Random maps: check.
  • DEEP crafting system.
  • Fantasy setting: check.
  • This game is great fun.
  • I like turn based RPGs.
  • Everything is well done.
  • Hidden gem so spread the word.
  • More of an RPG with 4x elements.
  • Early Access Review I love RPGs.
  • Now, the story? It’s interesting.
  • Nice RPG/ Turn based strategy mix.
  • This is a gem for turn based games.
  • Save game function is just terrible.
  • And coming from a small indies studio.
  • Worth it for the crafting system alone.
  • Game is fun, and worth the price as is.
  • 4x / survival / crafting / rpg mash up.
  • Great indie game with a fresh new shape.
  • Random events WILL kill your characters.
  • Resource management and survival? Check.
  • A must have for any strategy and RPG fan.
  • Great strategy and choose your “”paths”” .
  • There are issues.- Tedious micromanagement.
  • The combat is tactical, card-based, and fun.
  • It too, asserts itself as part of the story.
  • I would describe it as a strategy boardgame.
  • These are all benefitted by different skills.
  • It’s been pretty fun and interesting, thanks!
  • The survival/RPG/strategy combo is addictive.
  • It’s a marriage of strategy and roleplaying 🙂
  • It’s less of a 4X game and more of a party RPG.
  • A very good strategy game with some RPG flavor.
  • There is a story and interesting quests to find.
  • It’s LOTS of fun and there is a lot of depth to it.
  • The RPG and rogue inspired elements are just gravy.
  • Runs well.+ Audio: Simple, effective sound effects.
  • There are several main quests you can do to win too.
  • It is the random events which occur during the game.
  • Well made, very entertaining, a breath of fresh air.
  • They go and have CYOA adventures or fight with cards.
  • Auto resolve combat gets used a lot in my experience.
  • Game is great, this is must buy for any strategy fan.
  • I’m extremely glad I did.The gameplay is extremely fun.
  • Oh, and free DLCs and a bunch of patches after release.
  • Board-based strategy and settlement progression? Check.
  • Some of the finest fantasy-strategy game – innovations.
  • The majority of technology comes from the crafting system.
  • Stopped playing Fallout 4 for this! And my friends did too!
  • To my surprise, I found the crafting system quite enjoyable.
  • If in doubt, check a LP to see it in action. – Rough Writing.
  • RPG-esque turn-based combat and character progression? Check.
  • Dwarf Fortress is too hard for me although i like playing it.
  • Really fun 4x that isn’t really, since you don’t ever expand.
  • Why? Because of earnestness and enthusiasm, and storytelling.
  • Moreover, the story branches, giving some nice replayability.
  • Thea is a very unique Mix of some of my favorite game genres.
  • An almost choose-your-own adventure style event system? Check.
  • And it’s just plain fun to uncover all the different outcomes.
  • Sent them on story driven quests exploring a fine drawn world.
  • But for the price, I got an unexpected amount of fun out of it.
  • Once it picked up though, I had lots of fun.- Only two stories.
  • That is the core of the game and that is why it is fun to play.
  • ALL IN ALL — this is the best game I’ve played since Fallout 3.
  • Sound effects such as attacking or event notices are satisfying.
  • I don’t like strategy games, or turn-based games, or card games.
  • Really steep learning fun but also very fun and seriously deadly.
  • Great game, innovative concept, free dlcs, definitely recommended!
  • However at it’s core it is a turn based strategy game, not an RPG.
  • The story is great, the strategy makes sense, I like the graphics.
  • Pros:+Cool crafting system requiring villagers to gather and craft.
  • It is a 4X fantasy world with card battles, and village management.
  • Anyway, the main story is not was makes up the story in my opinion.
  • However, you only get one manual save which is overwritten each time.
  • You cannot build any other towns, so I would call Thea a 3x strategy.


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