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Addictive turn-based empire-building with colossal, real-time battles, all set in a world of legendary heroes, giant monsters, flying creatures and storms of magical power.

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User reviews

  • Black load screen.
  • Easy is a cake walk.
  • Easily one of the best of total wars.
  • Maybe the best total war game to date.
  • Game at release may have slight changes.
  • A fantastic edition to the total war series.
  • It runs great with a gtx 970 and an i5 3570k.
  • I feel like I’m playing World of Warcraft.
  • No lag, disconnects, frame drops, none of that.
  • The game I’ve been wanting for the last 15 years.
  • They showed us as much of the game as they could.
  • They understood the issues with Rome II and Attila.
  • Clunky cartoon character portraits and GUI to boot.
  • Took roughly 10 minutes before it actually launched.
  • No RPG style Shogun 2 general avatar for multiplayer.
  • A press review copy was provided for The Hidden Levels.
  • Played for 6 hour so far and had a bug free experience.
  • The most optimized Total War game I’ve played in recent years.
  • A really good Total war. Don’t listen to these negative reviews.
  • Most of the launch issues have already been patches by the devs
  • The other factions also well fleshed out and worth playing with.
  • Terrific game so far but much more difficult than Total War Rome.
  • This is probably the most challenging Total War game since Shogun 2.
  • No longer a grind – Total War Attila was a massive grind to complete.
  • Total War: Warhammer was released for Steam on Tuesday 24th May 2016.
  • I never saw a total war this well optimised out of the recent series.
  • Fantasy gameplay, Total War gameplay, not the buggy release of Rome 2.
  • For me, one of the best launch I’ve experienced from a Total War game.
  • The factions are so speciallized that you have limited tactical options.
  • Video was Recorded and Voiced by The Hidden Levels one and only Manic Ado.
  • Many people have said that it black screens or constantly crashes on them.
  • How do I describe it? It’s at the same level Shogun 2 was when it came out.
  • In terms of gameplay, it’s your standard Total War with a flare of Warhammer.
  • Total War: Warhammer was developed by Creative Assembly and published by SEGA.
  • Highly recommended to anyone who are fans of strategy, Total War, or Warhammer.
  • This is a very well done hybrid of Total War combined with teh Warhammer genre.
  • Small details are well thought.I recommend this game if you are a total war fan.
  • I would have also loved to been able to create a custom character and a faction.


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Critic Reviews

This game is rated with a 86/100 score in Metacritic.

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