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Tower Wars combines elements of tower defense RTS and all-out multi-player mayhem to bring you a completely unique experience delivered with a fun and funny not-so-old world style!


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  • Fun for a TD.
  • Steampunk grafics
  • fun and challenging.
  • Nice Steampunk usage.
  • Pretty fun multiplayer
  • very fun, very simple.
  • The coop gameplay is also fun.
  • The single player is amazing too.
  • Tower Wars is a great strategy game.
  • really cool tower defense + rts game
  • A nice blend of RTS and Tower Defense.
  • Great fun in a hyper/frenetic kind of way.
  • An Online Tower Defense Game at it’s best.
  • This is a really fun game to play co-op! πŸ˜€
  • This is THE game for tower defense junkies!
  • This has a nice twist on the tower defense.
  • Loads a little jerky, but a pretty fun game.
  • The single player is doable but challanging.
  • Love it! Really sweet graphics, hours of fun!
  • This is pretty good, it only fun with friends.
  • Good graphics, good upgrade system, everything.
  • Well if you like fast strategy its also fun πŸ˜› “
  • Its good fun if you like TD and competitive play.
  • I wish there was a mobile version of this one πŸ˜€
  • It’s a lot of fun packed into a simple tower game.
  • The graphics are nice and the game is fun overall.
  • it´s a nice game if you like tower defense games!
  • Its alot of fun with up to 6 people playing together.
  • Multi-Player is fun but can get Overwhelming at times.
  • Still worth getting even if just for the single player.
  • Hands down the best Tower Defense game I’ve ever played.
  • And the zone that gets overtaken is now a spawning point.
  • This game is really good if you like tower defense games.
  • Simple game with a lot of fun. perfect for casual gamer…
  • Fun game, solid gameplay although it has little diversity.
  • And you won’t enjoy this if you don’t like tower defenses.
  • Nice art style and setting, fun gameplay, overall solid game.
  • Thus, expect long queues when you want to play multiplayer. “
  • For a tower defense game this one is really well put together.
  • This is by far the best tower defense game I have yet to play.
  • And buy miners and upgrade your mines.If you get it have fun πŸ™‚
  • i think this is nice game with hard strategy even u versus bot.
  • Tower Wars is a tower defense game combined with army building.
  • If You Love Tower Defense Games You Most Buy This AweSome Game.
  • There are many different maps and different AI to keep you busy.
  • But if you play a nice, slow round with a friend its totaly fun.
  • If you love any kind of tower defense games, you’ll love this. “
  • No storyline just a feeling of steampunk from the animations and UI.
  • Therefore, I would suggest this game for predominantly single player.
  • this is one of the coolest tower defense games ive ever played, 10/10
  • I would highly recommend it to anyone who loves Bloons Tower Defense.
  • Usually a Game can be between 25 and 60 minutes, 25-60 minutes of fun.
  • Waves come every 45 seconds and it takes too long for any satisfaction.
  • This is a fun game, would be better if more people were online to play.
  • You WILL have fun 100000000/10 will Spawn Stanley clunkerbottoms again.
  • The way it makes me think is more like a RTS than a tower defense game.
  • The graphics are also the best I have ever seen in a Tower Defense game.
  • Best Tower Defense game I have ever played! Huge fun and it even has PvP.
  • Still, if you get a good offer the single player alone is worth the cost.
  • Multiplayer games would log me as having quit the game, when it was a bug.
  • 5.8/10 – Marathon of Tower DefenseThe gameplay is pretty good on this one.
  • However, multiplayer can be highly engaging if players are close in skills.
  • As soon as I play a few more weeks I am going to start some ranked matches.
  • The bots are really hard and you must plan every action you take.A fun play.
  • Really fun tower defence, great coop features and really fun/tense 2vs2 mode
  • I believe steam needs more steampunk games and this certainly fits the bill.
  • If you like tower defense games buy this and uninstall all the rest you own.
  • it kinda fun but this game is dead no update or anythings but still playable.
  • This game has a fun and exciting twist on the now classic Tower Defence genre.
  • GREAT Game by the indie devs. its worth it in my mind maybe diffrent to others
  • If you love a challenging tower defense game, I highly recommend this fun game.
  • The tutorial shows you the basics, but then your only option is to play online.

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