Wings of Vi

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Wings of Vi is a challenging 2D platformer in which the player controls the angel Vi tasked with defeating the Demon Lord Jeh’oul after he is freed from captivity. While inspired by masochistic retro platformers Wings of Vi aims to cut out arbitrary difficulty in favor of skill based gameplay.


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  • Extremely difficult.
  • Beautiful Soundtrack.
  • Its actually really fun. “
  • Sometimes frustrating but fun!
  • It’s similar to Dark Souls 10/10
  • This is how pixel art looks best.
  • I don’t think I’m having enough fun.
  • It’s fun, engaging, and of course hard.
  • Storyline is simple but still enjoyable.
  • A well animated, well designed platformer.
  • Well done, Grynsoft, you’ve done brilliantly.
  • Wings of Vi is an excellent action platformer.
  • Great precision platformer with a nice artstyle.
  • The more actions you unlock, the harder the game is.
  • I will say that the boss fights are fun and intense.
  • Like dark souls but more cuddly and chaotic in 2D. “
  • No boob sliders though. ;)+ Insanely hard difficulty.
  • Challenging platformer that’s not for the fainthearted.
  • A must buy for anyone who likes challenging platformers!
  • What’s that? You say Dark Souls is hard? That’s adorable.
  • It is extremely difficult but it is extremely well made.
  • Great platforming with well designed challenging bosses.
  • Overall, this is a very fun game that’s hard to put down.
  • I really like the visual design of the enemies and bosses.
  • It’s a really fun challenge and has a lot of re-playability.
  • Combat against regular enemies doesn’t feel as well designed.
  • Played game, switched to playing dark souls to relieve stress.
  • This is easily the most difficult platformer I’ve ever played.
  • The game actively challenges you to try harder.+ Sound design.
  • There are games calling themselves RPG that are featuring less.
  • I would be so bold as to call this game a 2D Dark Souls Jump-em-up.
  • The frame rate drops to as low as 15 FPS frequently in later areas.
  • The sense of satisfaction when you win against all odds is just gold.
  • This game takes the idea of a hard 2D side-scroller to the next level.
  • Multiple difficulty settings which affect both combat and platforming.
  • There are also several different weapons to be discovered along the way.
  • Not great if you’re easily frustrated or just want to hear a good story.
  • I’m addicted. Beware: This game has a history of bugs and balance patches.
  • Might feel a bit expensive, but on the long run it’s probably worth it. “
  • Got this game expecting just another difficult platformer.MAN WAS I WRONG.
  • All of them are very different from each other and fun to fight (usually).
  • Dying is pretty painless aside from a solidly difficult checkpoint system.
  • They have no boost or benefit to Vi whatsoever, they’re just vanity items.
  • The difficulty curve is very refined, with almost no frame-perfect actions.
  • The music and art design are fantastic, I would recommend this to everyone.
  • You shouldn’t need an elite PC to play an indie game with a pixel-art style.
  • There are some very difficult bosses as well as brutal platforming sections.
  • For a platformer like this an absolute must-have.Neither Pro nor Con:* Story.
  • A difficult action platformer which has great boss design and simple controls.
  • This game looks beautiful, is fun to play, and provides a fantastic challenge.
  • Looking forward to normal and (maybe) hard mode once Im done with easy mode…
  • Even the Angel Mode, the game’s “”easy”” mode, is far from a casual experience.


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Wings of Vi, 2D platformer by the creator of “”I wanna be the Boshy””,
releases on Steam this November!

How Long is Wings of VI

  • Main: 23 Hours
  • Main +extras:
  • Completionist: 27½ Hours
  • Combined: 24½ Hours
  • Replayability: 0.0667